Vicious Attacks on the Elderly, Vulnerable and Handicapped: Some Caught on Camera

This happened in Cleveland, Ohio. The media appear to be deceiving as usual, not mentioning the race. There are strong indicators the assailants were black, not to the surprise of many of us.

Click here for a recording of a radio show about this hate crime.

Brian Milligan Jr., of Buffalo, was severely beaten, kicked, punched and head smashed with a brick by at least a dozen Negroes. The national media is absolutely nowhere to be found!

Click here for the full story, or in case the video below does not work.



Yes, you can witness below the merciless and savage beating of a 73-year old man and his friend at the hands of a group of Negroes in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Negro will continue to prove people like myself right: they are extremely dangerous.

Good samaritan allows Negro to use his phone: that cost him dearly. This happened in Rockville, Maryland.
72-Year-Old Can’t Even Get His Hair Cut Without Getting a Gang Beating: Hate Crime?

I first saw the story below at the very informative, Council of Conservative Citizens.

I try very hard not report the same stories as others, but I take crimes against the elderly seriously, and these dastardly deeds need all the attention they can get. Negroes are feasting on the elderly, and as many people possible need to shed light on this.

A 72-year-old man was attacked by a pack of violent Negroes, while he was leaving a barbershop in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Thanks to the CoCC for keeping an eye out for us.

87-Year-Old Beaten So Severely She Lost Sight in One Eye

Here is Louis Rossen before cultural diversity.

Here is Louis Rossen after cultural diversity.

Louisa county, Virginia law enforcement described the beating of 87-year-old, Lois Rossen, as “one of the most brutal cases they have ever seen.”

Remone J. Houchens

“Also arrested in connection with the case are Rontray L. Houchens and Linda D. Houchens. Rontray Houchens was charged with three counts of drug distribution and one count of obstruction of justice. Linda Houchens was charged with obstruction of justice.”

-NBC 12

Click here for the story, and here for another.

Rontray L. Houchens

Linda D Houchens


Shane McClellan

Fifteen-year-old, Shane McClellan, was beaten to a pulp and had a gun put to his head by some angelic minorities.

I’m sure he violated these heathens’ civil rights somehow.

Again, the national media will have no hour long specials on this. They like to make whites feel unnecessary shame, but the Negro and other “minorities” are free to do as they please to us.

Elderly Couple Lured to Their Deaths With Potential Car Deal

True to the nature of the “oppressed” Negro, two more elderly and vulnerable people were preyed upon. Jerry Wayne Bullin and Jo Anne Bullin were lured to their deaths by another insidious and heartless Negro, Frederick Hedgepeth.

Frederick Hedgepeth

We extend condolences to two more victims of diversity.

Click here for the full story.

Also, click here for another report on this case.
73-Year-Old Ohio Woman Raped and Murdered

Clara Wilfong

Clara Wilfong, a 73-year-old Ohio woman was warned to lock her doors; she didn’t, and unfortunately had to become Negro-prey.

After walking in to check on the victim, her relatives discovered a murderous Negro sitting by her then dead body. At that point, startled, the monster jumped from a second story window to escape.

Fortunately the relatives were able to provide a sketch (below).

Click here for the full story.
Thousands of Miles Separate US From France; Yet Racial Results are the Same

I would like to thank Robert Reis for pointing out this disgusting video; he’s doing his part.

This Negro’s advances were not received very well by this petite blond, and he did not take too kindly to that: so she “had to pay.”

The girl to the left tries to avoid this Negro predator.

For her efforts she is punished.

After the male Negro strikes the white female victim, it triggers an attack response from a second Negro. This one follows up with an attack himself.

The girl is left picking herself up.

All white females need to see this.

You Tube decided this video was not “appropriate” for people to see; the truth about race has not been “appropriate” for quite some time now.

So – you must click here to see the video of what this animal did to an innocent white female.
Cancer Patient Endures Attack by Pack of Blacks: Of Course This is No Hate Crime

If you are elderly, it doesn’t matter. If you are handicapped, it doesn’t matter. If you are possibly on or on your deathbed, it doesn’t matter. The Negro has to attack someone.

A man in Louisville, Kentucky who is battling cancer also had to battle a pack of Negroes whom he apparently didn’t look at right.

Whites continue to endure violence thanks to diversity.

Click here to see this latest story of savagery.
60-Year-Old Virginia Woman Attacked and Robbed by ‘Oppressed’ Minorities

Surveillance Photos of Suspects

A 60-year-old Virginia woman was attacked by a group of minorities. She was shoved to the ground had her purse taken. The assailants then fled the scene.

The assailants were described as three Hispanic men. Police are looking for the three and a woman as well. One man and woman appear to be Negro.

This happened in Richmond, Virginia.

Click here for the full story.
93-Year-Old Woman Attacked and Robbed for 6 Dollars!

More criminal tactics of the predatory Negro can be studied while watching this despicable and evil duo work together in an effort to attack and rob a 93-year-old woman for six dollars.

Click here for the full story.
New Jersey Man in Custody for Home Invasion and Rape of Elderly Woman

Man Behind Bars for Stabbing 71-Year-Old Woman to Death: ‘She Would Have Given Anybody Anything’

Julia Muckleroy is on the right.

Isaac Smith

Julia Muckleroy, fought off cancer – only to be another victim of Negro on white murder.

The sons of the victim said, “She would have given anybody anything.” Apparently that was not enough.

Click here for the news report in which the Negro that murdered her, poses as a concerned citizen, putting on an act.

Click here for the follow up.

94-Year-Old Fights for Life After Being Severely Attacked

Paul Smallwood

Another elderly victim, who is not too far from becoming a centurion, is fighting for his life after being severely beaten.

One could only guess as to the assailants’ race.

This happened in Georgia.

Click here for this story.
White Elderly Couple Murdered

Leamond Turnage, 69, and his wife Robyn, 57

John Ewell

I have blogged about white elderly people and couples being murdered by Negroes over and over. So, here is the same ol’ story again.

Click here for one of the latest stories of our race being victimized by the violence of the Negro.
White Couple Victimized by You Know Who

Robbie and Crystal Jordan

More whites have been victimized. A North Carolina couple was shot by two Negros that wanted money that did not belong to them. I know, let the shock settle.

Click here for this story.
Guess Who Murdered Another White Person?

Jimmy Sanders

Another white person made the mistake of trying to be kind to a Negro, and his punishment was death and being robbed of six dollars. This happened in Mississippi.

Even with the media suppressing the black on white epidemic of violence it is still seemingly ubiquitous. I’d hate to see a real list of all of the victims.

Click here for this story.

Erik Jermaine Ellis

Malcom Jamal Melton

One That We Missed

I know, this blog is bursting at the seams with stories of elderly whites being savagely attacked and murdered, but this is one we missed.

Another elderly woman was attacked and raped. Click here for the story.
‘Elderly Pastor Attacked in Jewelry Store Robbery’

Pastor Don Shockley

Here is a close look at the violent and heartless robbers.

This elderly Gwinnett county, Georgia pastor, Don Shockley was clobbered in the head by a Negro that decided to rob a jewelry store with other Negroes. After the elderly man was blind sided, he fell to the floor, where his elderly wife tries to comfort him.

These are heartless animals and if you can’t see that then you’re blind. White people better stare at these videos, and let it sink in. Do not live in a delusional state; realize what is happening to our people.

Click here for this story.

Click here to see the story of a 96-year-old attacked on a train.

Beverly Murray

If you guessed a Negro was responsible for beating this 79-year-old to a bloody pulp, you’re right. She was simply trying to shop, when the heathen decided to rob her and then pound her like she were a man. This happened in Winter Haven, Florida.

I have the images of many elderly white people with battered faces in my mind. All of these, at the hands of the one and only Negro.

Ms. Murray’s condition looks similar to 88-year-old Pearl Patrinos, who we just blogged about this month, on the 5th.

Pearl Patrinos was a different victim of a Negro's attack this month.

The description given in the Murray case was a, ” black male, early 20s, 6-foot to 6-foot-2, with a thin build and short-cropped hair.” The politically correct composite (that looks nothing like the surveillance photo) looks like a man without a race.

Click here for this story.
Elderly Couple and Son Beaten; Mom Dies

Teodilinda Naimo

Nope, no hate crime here either. The heads of elderly white women keep getting pounded. Some still haven’t caught on yet.

Click here for this story.

Click here for a picture of one of the assailants.
Another Elderly Veteran Serves Country Only to Take Brutal Pounding from Diversity

Thomas Mixon

Charles Jacquard Turner

Click here for this story.
Elderly Vietnamese Couple Attacked, Husband Killed

Click here
for this story.

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