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Men Arrested for Making Threats to Officer in Music Video

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Click here for this story.

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Student Goes Berserk

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This female Negro student was livid, at seemingly everyone within earshot of her. After telling the authorities they were going to have to carry her out – they did just that.

“Reflections on the 2010 AR Conference”

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Jared Taylor, of American Renaissance, was kind enough to allow me to post his article, “Reflections on the 2010 AR Conference.”

The article details the events that surrounded this year’s American Renaissance Conference. The hotels that agreed to host the conference had the lives of their employees threatened, and were constantly harassed. A few of the hotels reneged on their agreements with American Renaissance, due to this terroristic behavior.

VDARE has also, done some fine work bringing attention to this egregious and frightening act of oppression.

I would like to add that I carelessly forgot to mention that Nicholas Stix was on this story immediately. That is where I actually recall having first read about this. His hard work and immediate attention to this subject preceded even that of VDARE.

A page to the right has been dedicated to this great injustice, titled “Jared Taylor’s ‘Reflections on the 2010 AR Conference’ .”

American Renaissance Conference

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Jared Taylor

American Renaissance attempted to host its annual conference. The hotels that had agreed to accommodate the constituents of the conference, were bullied, inundated with leaflets and had the lives of their workers threatened. After all of this, our country’s national media were nowhere to be found.

We are all fully aware, that had the roles been reversed we would have been suffocated by the blanket coverage. Could you imagine the NAACP having been threatened and treated like this, without a peep from the media?

You, as a man or woman of European heritage, are being oppressed. What more evidence is necessary? The national media are one of the major villains in this cabal. At some point, the evidence will bury us.

I have been aware of this for weeks. After reading this in my latest monthly issue of AR, I realized I am overdue to post this.