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Man Behind Bars for Stabbing 71-Year-Old Woman to Death: ‘She Would Have Given Anybody Anything’

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Julia Muckleroy is on the right.

Isaac Smith

Julia Muckleroy, fought off cancer – only to be another victim of Negro on white murder.

The sons of the victim said, “She would have given anybody anything.” Apparently that was not enough.


Johns Hopkins Researcher Stabbed to Death After Complying With Robbers’ Demands

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Stephen Pitcairn

John Wagner and Lavelva Merritt

Stephen Pitcairn went to college in Michigan. He worked in a laboratory in Japan for a year. He was fluent in Japanese. He then became part of the laboratory of Gregg Semenza, M.D., Ph.D., at the Johns Hopkins University. He was also studying breast cancer. But unfortunately for him, he encountered two members of society that could be described themselves, as societal cancer.

Mr. Pitcarin was in Baltimore’s north side, talking on the phone to his mother when a Negro male and female approached him and robbed him. After he willingly gave them the money which they demanded, he was stabbed to death. Unfortunately his mother heard the robbery and murder on the phone.

Police have arrested John Wagner and Lavelva Merritt in connection with this disgusting murder.

Man’s Brother Stabbed to Death: Cultural Diversity Strikes Again

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A gang of Mexicans jumped Peter Ebinger and his brother, Mark at a bar. The two were outnumbered. The assailants also had weapons. Peter was stabbed but survived. Mark, was not so fortunate: he died of his wounds.

I do not see the sons and daughters of the bureaucrats in Washington, DC facing survival situations like this.