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“Shooting Happened After Street Vendors Were Arguing Over A Spot”

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Spike Lee Tweets Wrong Address

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If you haven’t heard of the Treyvon Martin story, congratulations on waking from your coma.

Spike Lee decided to tweet the address of who he thought was George Zimmerman (the man that apparently defended himself from a violent, black youth, Treyvon Martin), but Spike seemed to have gotten it wrong. Instead, the brilliant director publicly provided the address of an elderly couple to a bunch of blood-thirsty black supremacists.

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Cultural Diversity Enriches Yet Another Young Life

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Caitlyn Abercrombie

Ta'von McLaurin

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Pastor Shoots Teen

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Alex Williams

A Georgia pastor shot a teen for breaking the window in his van. Some say the young Negroes in his neighborhood were terrorizing him and his church.

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Execution Caught on Video

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Shooter Caught in Act

This Negro was caught on video, committing murder.

All it takes is looking at a Negro wrong, and that could cost you your life. Hey, I guess this is what we accept as “normal” now. People used to be appalled at something like this. But, we’ve been conditioned to consider this normal. I know these type of acts were far less common during the days of segregation.

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Man Police Say Murdered Mother and Shot Daughter to Appear in Court

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Alexandra Engler

Aramis Jackson

This piece of garbage will appear before a court today for the crime of shooting a Baton Rouge mother to death, and shooting her child, leaving her for dead as well.

The list of white victims does not cease. Click here for the same old murderous, black on white story.

‘City Officer shot, suspect in critical condition’

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A carload of detectives in Baltimore were opened fire upon by a bicyclist. One can venture a guess as to the race of the assailant.

Baltimore has had a past of severe Negro violence. As summer approaches, we can count on more. It’s apparent that Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld, III has his hands full. The man has had a lot of violence to deal with in his city.

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