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Man Has Sex With Teddy Bear – Again!

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Charles Marshall

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Police Say Couple Kidnapped and Infected Child With HIV

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McDonald’s National Hiring Day Shows Us What Diversity is All About

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McDonald's National Day of Hiring, Diversity Style

McDonald’s is adamant about their support for the Negro. On their McDonald’s 365 Black site, they claim, ” At McDonald’s, we believe that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year — not just during Black History Month.”

Some Negroes went berserk at a McDonald’s in Cleveland, Ohio. One ran several over with a car. The incident was captured on video. It looks like they were really celebrating in Cleveland.

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Walmart Greeting is Quickly Becoming one of the Most Dangerous Professions

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Toni Duncan and Ashley Jackson

Most see elderly Walmart greeters often times as simply elderly and disabled people trying to do something productive with their lives. I’ve had greeters ask me for receipts several times, and never have I thought about choking or attacking them for doing their job. I realize that there are thieves that need to be caught so I fully understand, comply and I’m always on my way within no time. But, apparently to the Negro, this brings about a primal rage.

In this latest incident two Negro women, Toni Duncan and Ashley Jackson were arrested for an attack against a 71-year-old Walmart greeter. They used racial slurs against the greeter. Ms. Duncan shoved a cart into him and began to choke him. Ashley Jackson then threatened to summon one of her alpha males to the scene, and said if she were to tell him about this greeter asking for a receipt, “he won’t be alive.” Jackson also threatened to blow up the store.

Walmart should consider making this incident part of their next cultural diversity marketing campaign.

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Below are some vintage stories of Negros going berserk for being asked for a receipt or simply breathing the same air as them:

Paul Washington

Paul Washington was arrested for hitting a 72-year-old Walmart greeter with a vicious sucker punch, completely out of the blue.

Kenneth Freeman

In this story, Negro detective, Kenneth Freeman assaults a little ol’ Walmart greeter, Bill Walker for having the audacity to ask a busy Negro like Freeman. Then, after the savage attack, Freeman sues the old man for “racially profiling” him!

FDNY Forced to Pay Minorities for Failing?

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Our friends at the Department of “Justice” are at it again. When they’re not ignoring Black Panthers that are terrorizing whites at voting precincts, they’re trying to force fire departments to compensate minorities for failing test grades.

They ask such perplexing questions on these “unfair” tests (with an open-book option) such as, how many fire-hydrants do do you see? The DOJ is demanding that minorities should be able to pass their tests while missing “as much as seventy percent” of the exam.

The “Justice” Department has also demanded that Dayton, Ohio police officers allow incompetent police officers to join their ranks, forcing police to accept terrible test scores as passing.

Click here to witness “justice” at work with the firefighters of New York City.

Woman Helps Struggling Police Officer

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Otto Coleman

We have seen it countless times, a Negro killing a white police officer, and officers in general.

Otto Coleman, a Negro, was pulled over by officer Jonathan Seiter, in Dayton, Ohio. This was said to be fairly routine initially, but a struggle soon began between the officer and Coleman. This 64-year-old Negro still has some murderous impulse left in him, as he could not fight the urge to kill a white cop. During the struggle, Coleman made a tremendous effort to take this officer’s gun. But fortunately, a good samaritan that was passing by, stopped and helped the officer during the struggle. A woman who saw the struggle stopped, and came to the aid of the officer buy punching the assailant in the head. This helped give the officer enough of an advantage to subdue this would be killer.

Click here for the dramatic video of yet another white police officer, fighting for his life against a black.

Cleveland Schools’ Gang Diversity Experiment Causes Fear of More Violence

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Violence is expected to come as a result of the consolidation of students from rival gangs within one school in Cleveland, Ohio. Metal detectors and police officers can only do so much in Negro schools.

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