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Woman Helps Struggling Police Officer

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Otto Coleman

We have seen it countless times, a Negro killing a white police officer, and officers in general.

Otto Coleman, a Negro, was pulled over by officer Jonathan Seiter, in Dayton, Ohio. This was said to be fairly routine initially, but a struggle soon began between the officer and Coleman. This 64-year-old Negro still has some murderous impulse left in him, as he could not fight the urge to kill a white cop. During the struggle, Coleman made a tremendous effort to take this officer’s gun. But fortunately, a good samaritan that was passing by, stopped and helped the officer during the struggle. A woman who saw the struggle stopped, and came to the aid of the officer buy punching the assailant in the head. This helped give the officer enough of an advantage to subdue this would be killer.

Click here for the dramatic video of yet another white police officer, fighting for his life against a black.