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Last Act of Kindness Repaid With Murder

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As usual, the media try to downplay another white police officer being shot by a Negro by trying to deceitfully put a positive spin on the story, involving a Negro.

A Los Angeles police officer and former American soldier, Jeremy Henwood, bought a young panhandling Negro some food at a McDonald’s. Almost immediately after, he was shot to death with a shotgun in a “unprovoked” attack.

It’s the same old story, white does something nice for Negro, Negro rapes, robs or murders white. And this is certainly not the first white officer that’s had to pay for diversity with his or her life.

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Two Brits Learn About American Diversity

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Shawn Tyson charged with the murders of James Cooper and James Kouzaris

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$50k Reward for Man Suspected of Murdering Officer

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Slain officer, Elmer "Buddy" Christian

Jaime Hood

Two Georgia police officers were shot by a Negro. One of the officers, Elmer “Buddy” Christian died, and the other officer, Tony Howard survived.

Officer Christian was a youth ministry leader in his church, and described as being, “the most compassionate and caring man.” Pastor Randy Crowe said about the officer, “He loved serving the Lord.” He also said about the deceased officer, “If you needed a friend, Buddy Christian was your friend.”

We’ve blogged about the murders of white police officers at the hands of Negroes many times in the past, and unfortunately that will continue as long as police try to make the Negro behave.

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Here are just a fraction of the murders of white officers by Negro assailants.

Man Behind Bars for Stabbing 71-Year-Old Woman to Death: ‘She Would Have Given Anybody Anything’

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Julia Muckleroy is on the right.

Isaac Smith

Julia Muckleroy, fought off cancer – only to be another victim of Negro on white murder.

The sons of the victim said, “She would have given anybody anything.” Apparently that was not enough.

Innocent Victim Shot and Killed at Stoplight

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William Ennis had the grave misfortune of pulling up to a stoplight in between two “groups of people” that were “exchanging words.” Both groups were apparently on opposite sides of the road which Ennis was on while in his vehicle. One group decided to open fire on the other, which unfortunately led to Mr. Ennis’ death. He was struck in the head and killed by a bullet that was allegedly intended for the other “group of people.” This happened in Richmond, Virginia.

The media report that police do have descriptions, although vague. But of course they do not reveal what they do have.

Now Nivius is going to go way out on a limb, using his “evil powers” of stereotyping and venture a guess of the race of the murderers: Negros.

If the identities of the killers do not remain hidden, and they are responsibly reported, then we will post it.

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Police Believe They are on the Trail of the Murderer of Virginia Tech Student

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Police have released a sketch of a Negro predator that has been preying upon young white women. He’s killed at least one and assaulted and raped another.

This happened in Virginia.

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12-Year-Old Abused and Murdered: Man Caught on Tape Kicking Him After He Collapsed

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