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Trauma Surgeon Goes on Rampage

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Dr. Timothy V. Jorden Jr., 49

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92-Year-Old’s Loose Change Leads to Her Death

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7-Year-Old Little Girl and Uncle Shot in the Head

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Kyleigh and Jeremy Crane

Michael Bell was accussed of rape, but was later acquitted. (photos from WTHR)

A seven-year-old little white girl and her uncle were both executed by bullets to the heads. Police have arrested a Michal Bell, a Negro that was acquitted years ago of rape. They are now looking for an accomplice of his in this downright heinous crime. This happened in Cumberland, Indiana. We’ll try to follow up on this story. The media will more than likely try to hide his race. They realize that whites are going to begin to tire of their 7-year-olds being shot in the head.

It was national news when somebody got on a PA system at a Wal Mart, and asked all blacks to leave, yet when they put bullets in the heads our our people (which happens every single day) there’s not a peep. Negro violence is absolutely ridiculous! Nobody in their right mind wants to live around them.

I appreciate Bubba sharing this with us all. As sad as it is, we have to realize what’s happening to our people at the hands of Negroes. This has become a common occurrence thanks to desegregation.

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Fire, Murder and Miscegenation

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Tonia Ingram

Terry Donald Rutledge, Antowyn Warren and Regina Miller

ABC 6 did not choose to show pictures of both the victim and the assailants. One must assume they don’t want whites to begin understanding that their is an epidemic of black on white violence.

Thanks Bubba.

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Saw KIlling

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Melanie Constantini and Anthony Stiger

Time and time again, when we see miscegenation, violence is the end result of this unnatural lifestyle choice.

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Diversity Beats Disease to Killing White Man

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As Usual, No Hate Crime Here

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When Negroes murder whites, which is a common occurrence, it always seems to be labeled as random.

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“LAPD chief: Wilmington attack on officer is part of growing trend”

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Los Angeles is one of the “great” cities of diversity. That diversity is costing quite a few police officers their lives. With an increase in diversity, we can count on some more slow walking and sad singing.

“The Thursday night attack on a police officer in the Wilmington area is part of a rising trend of violent crimes against LAPD officers, police chief Charlie Beck said Friday.

Beck told KPCC’s Patt Morrison that as of last week violent attacks on police officers in L.A. are up 29 percent – with 125 violent assaults in 2011 alone. Three more assaults have already occurred since those numbers were released last week.”

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Another White Pays for Diversity With His Life

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Kevin Kennelly

James Malecek

They make no mention of race in this report. The media seem to downplay it as usual, comparing the attack that killed Kevin Kennelly to bumping your head while getting out of a car. I guess the minority that was enraged at the time wasn’t capable of anything too terribly violent – like perhaps a deadly blow and a hate crime.

They have more excuses than you can shake a stick at when it comes to minority on white crime, yet the end result is always the same; our people end up buried and the poor minority is to be pitied. Their incessant efforts to mitigate the severity of minority on white violence continue. When will it end?

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You’ve Heard of Casey Anhony, but Probably Not Antoinette Davis

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Antoinette Davis

The media went insane with their wall to wall coverage of the Andrea Yates, Susan Smith and Casey Anthony cases. Negro women kill their children all the time without the resulting media circus.

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Here is another mom that never received the same attention of the media. Click here for the macabre story of the child found in his mother’s oven. Apparently the MSM didn’t find this story shocking enough for mainstream, around the clock coverage.