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‘Month after month father returns to N.O. for clues in son’s murder ‘

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John MacLellan

You can find story after story, of a white father grieving for the loss of his child at the hands of a murderous Negro. There is a mountain of evidence compiled on just this blog alone, not to mention the countless other people working hard to wake people up to the realities of race.

But yet again, another white father has to spend his “golden years” pursuing answers in the murder of his son. Dave MacLellan flies from Boston to New Orleans once a month in an effort to keep the murder case of his son alive.

His son, John MacLellan was robbed and shot six times. He survived the shooting only to die later from infection. When John called 911, he described his murderer as a “black gentleman.” That would hardly be the description given by most.

And as I’ve heard so often, in so many different black on white murders, the father said it was the victim that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I like to think that it was the murderer that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If he were locked in a cage for life, this man would be alive.

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