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Brutality Against Our Racial Kinsmen, The White South Africans

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The Afrikaner at the end of the video tells it like it is. He sounds like a tribal thinker, and I consider him a racial brother.

Race is real.


What Would a Game of Soccer be Without Some Diversity?

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Is Google Racist?

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If you search “black on white crime” in the Google search engine, you just might find the same bewildering results that I found today. Upon entering that key phrase the first hit I received was the over-sensationalized Mississippi murder of James Craig Anderson by three white men in Mississippi. I can refer to this as over-sensationalized for the simple fact that whites are dying at the hands of violent blacks at much higher rates than the inverse, yet when I search black on white crime I’m directed to one of the rare incidents of white on black crime. And then, to make things worse, just below that you’ll see the Trayvon Martin case. That’s yet another crime in which the portrayed victim is yet again, black.

So, to sum it up, the media and the elites that control them have determined that blacks can and will only be portrayed as victims. Blacks are powerhouses of violence, and yet we’re being spoon-fed the complete opposite. The rulers that are pushing this “we’re all the same” garbage are just as cruel as the Negroes carrying out this violence, because they know what’s happening.

This is absurd! I believe Google needs to do some work on their product; it’s obviously defective.

People of European descent are being deceived about racial violence against our people, and Google appears to be complicit in this victimization.

Nah, No Hate Crime Here Either

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“Who Are These White Cunts?”

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An Australian teen feel the sting of diversity.

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Thanks, Robert.

White Pummeled at PATCO Station

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Witness the usual suspects and the usual victim.

This victim (who appears to be white) seems to be oppressing these two Negroes by slamming his face into their fists and feet.

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Another Beaten Face

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Meagan Sherrill

Yes, here’s another story of a white woman enduring a savage beating. Let’s all guess the race of the assailants.

Negroes continue to beat and murder whites at unfathomable rates. Wake up White America.

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for this story.

Negroes are dangerous! Just take a look at some of these other victims that had to find out the hard way.

Times aren’t like they used to be, when life in most of this country was like it was in Mayberry. Now, the Negro is free to roam, and where they roam, they carry their violent genetics from the savage continent of Africa. You’re going to see a great deal more beaten faces.

Race is real!