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Another Hate Crime Perpetrated by the Usual Hateful Suspects

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Atlanta Curfew

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In preparation for Negro youth violence in Atlanta, officials are implementing a curfew.

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Pastor Shoots Teen

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Alex Williams

A Georgia pastor shot a teen for breaking the window in his van. Some say the young Negroes in his neighborhood were terrorizing him and his church.

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Man Gets Away With Murder After Pleading Guilty to Possession of a Firearm, Goes on to Commit Another Murder!

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Sgt. Garry Castillo

Stacey Dooley

Stacey Dooley should have been in prison for murdering a man in Charlotte, NC, but he was not. All Dooley had to do to get away with murder, he had to plead guilty to possession of a firearm by a felon! So, he went on to murder an innocent armored car driver.

Thanks to Junebugjig.

Mr. Dooley had some accomplices too.

Murderous Pimp Behind Bars: One Down, Tens of Thousands More to Go

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Derrick Holmes

Countless Negro pimps in this country have enslaved women, white, black and any other race you can think of. They know how to dominate and rule with perception and viciousness over their slaves. These scoundrels know how to smile at the right time, and they know how to say the right things. They play women, especially white women like fiddles.

Derrick Holmes, has been arrested for shooting a woman seventeen times, murdering her. The victim was also black. Holmes had a female accomplice who has been charged as well.

Presented here, is another case of the Negro oppressing the Negro and females in general. There is no greater slave master in the world today, than the Negro.

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Pet Shop Owner Just Simply Can’t Make an Honest Living Thanks to Thieves

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James Galloway’s pet store in Georgia has been broken into on four separate occasions.

The man is just one of the many men and women in America trying to make an honest living around predominately Negro neighborhoods.

Man Sought for Attempted Rape of Elderly White Woman: He Used The Ol’ Can I have a Glass of Water Gag

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Negro savagery toward the elderly seems to show no sign of slowing.

This Negro in Atlanta used the classic trick used by many of them to gain access to vulnerable elderly women’s homes: the, can I have a glass of water subterfuge.

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