Sadistic Attack, Torture and Rape Revisited

I do not know how I missed this case last summer. I was not aware of it. It was, no doubt hushed by the media.

6 Responses to “Sadistic Attack, Torture and Rape Revisited”

  1. niviusvir Says:

    And also, Nicholas, thank you for blogging about it in the past. That is a service to us all.

  2. Jakefree25 Says:

    This groidian animal needs to be publicly beaten and burned to death for his crimes against humanity

  3. We Humans have transgressed the law of natural selection for decades, not only have we supported inferior life-forms… we have encouraged their propagation, the off spring of these people have little to contribute, and have become a burdened to society.

  4. Oh no one of Obama’s sons committed a rape!

    Where is the commie media on this?

    This stuff needs to happen to white liberal cunts like Joy Behar & Katie “Koran” Couric!

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