Police Officers Face Cultural Diversity Every Day

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* Sergeant Mark Renninger, 39. He was protecting people for thirteen years. His wife and three children have lost their husband and dad.
* Officer Ronald Owens, 37. He was in law enforcement for twelve years. He can no longer be there for his daughter.
* Officer Tina Griswold, 40. She was in law enforcement for fourteen years. She was forced to leave her husband and two children.
* Officer Greg Richards, 42. He spent eight years protecting us. His wife and three children find themselves alone.

Four more police officers were executed while in a coffee shop near Tacoma, Washington. The savagery continues.

Police are looking for a person of interest, Maurice Clemmons.

You may remember the officers that were recently murdered in Oakland, pictured below, were also murdered by a Negro. Click here for that post.

Us “racists” will continue to be proven right.


Pennsylvania Police Officer Murdered on Heels of 4 Slain Seattle Officers

They have barely had time enough to place the four slain Seattle officers from last week’s quadruple execution in the ground. And there is another dead officer, who was also ambushed by a Negro, murderer.

These stories need all the attention they can get.


Lovelle Mixon

Detective Has Head Smashed With Cinder Block and Ran Over

Another member of law enforcement has been brutally attacked by you know who. A Miami-Dade, plain-clothes detective has been savagely assaulted by a band of Negroes.

Michael Paul Robertson

Michael Paul Robertson SR

Monica Rene Banks

Bloods, Crips Consolidate and Plot to Assassinate Police

More of America’s street terrorists have been hard at work plotting the assassination of law enforcement officers and complete domination of an American city. I’m sure glad our soldiers are in Iraq.

Negros continue to rule city streets by the laws of the jungle.

Court Finds Police Officer’s Killer Guilty

Police Officer Survives Deadly Situation; I’m Sure His Racial Sensitivity Classes Saved His Life

Here is another case of a Negro attempting to kill a police officer. This happened in Indianapolis.

Man Accused of Killing 2 Charlotte Police Officers Might Not Face Death Due to Race

The attorney for a Negro whom police say killed two of their own, has requested that the words: hero, heroes, heroism, murder, murderer, victim and victims, not be used in the trial against his client. He is serious. Also, this scoundrel of a man (the one representing the other scoundrel) has cited under the Racial Justice Act, his client should not have to face execution for the slaughter of two of the city’s protectors.

He Says he ‘Didn’t Want to Ever Kill Anybody’ After Shooting Cop in the Head 4 Times

Joshua Miktarian

An Akron, Ohio man pleads for his life after heartlessly executing a police officer. Twinsburg, Ohio police officer, Joshua Miktarian was executed by Ashford Thompson.

Thompson, the Negro executioner pleaded for his life before a jury.

Police Say Man Tried to Kill Maryland Deputy

Another police officer in Maryland nearly paid the price of diversity.

A Seattle Police Officer Punches a Female After She Assaults Him

A Negro girl who tried to bully, control and domineer a situation with a Seattle police officer was punched after she attacked the officer.

Our good friends in the media start the video clip with the “poor” Negro girl being punched by the “evil” officer. One news site published the biased title, “Teen girl punched after jaywalking by Seattle Cop.”

As usual, you must peer through the intentional obfuscation to see the truth.

The officer reacts after being pushed by a Negro girl acting as if she has more testosterone than a bull elephant. She sees the officer trying to arrest her “nigga” so she feels the appropriate way to react is by attacking the police officer. After she shoves him very hard, he realizes he is on the fine line of losing control around a crowd of hostile Negroes in their classic shark-like circling ritual. For good reason he felt threatened (one would assume) so he then counters the attack with one of his own, like he was properly trained to do.

Only later does the truth of the act manage to wiggle its way free. As the video plays out, you see video evidence that proves the Negro was the initiator of the violence.

If I were ever stupid enough to shove a police officer, I would expect (rightfully so) a few lumps on my foolish head. You do not shove a police officer!

Retrial for Man That Shot Police Officer Three Times

This happened in Jackson, MS.

Two Tampa Police Officers Executed

David Curtis

Jeffrey Kocab

Dontae Morris

Cortnee Nicole Brantley

3 Arizona Officers Shot and One Murdered

Another Slaughtered Police Officer – More Injustice

Stephen Liczbinski was one of the many police officer that had the misfortune of encountering murderous Negros.

Woman Helps Struggling Officer

Otto Coleman

We have seen it countless times, a Negro killing a white police officer, and officers in general.

Otto Coleman, a Negro, was pulled over by officer Jonathan Seiter, in Dayton, Ohio. This was said to be fairly routine initially, but a struggle soon began between the officer and Coleman. This 64-year-old Negro still has some murderous impulse left in him, as he could not fight the urge to kill a white cop. During the struggle, Coleman made a tremendous effort to take this officer’s gun. But fortunately, a good samaritan that was passing buy stopped, and helped the officer during the struggle. A woman who saw the struggle stopped, and came to the aid of the officer buy punching the assailant in the head. This helped give the officer enough of an advantage to subdue this would be killer.

Click here for the dramatic video of yet another white police officer, fighting for his life against a black.
$50k Reward for Man Suspected of Murdering Officer


Slain officer, Elmer "Buddy" Christian

Jaime Hood

Two Georgia police officers were shot by a Negro. One of the officers, Elmer “Buddy” Christian died, and the other officer, Tony Howard survived.

Officer Christian was a youth ministry leader in his church, and described as being, “the most compassionate and caring man.” Pastor Randy Crowe said about the officer, “He loved serving the Lord.” He also said about the deceased officer, “If you needed a friend, Buddy Christian was your friend.”

We’ve blogged about the murders of white police officers at the hands of Negroes many times in the past, and unfortunately that will continue as long as police try to make the Negro behave.

Click here for this sad story.

Click here for a different report.

Here are just a fraction of the murders of white officers by Negro assailants.

As usual, the media try to downplay another white police officer being shot by a Negro by trying to deceitfully put a positive spin on the story, involving a Negro.

A Los Angeles police officer and former American soldier, Jeremy Henwood bought a young panhandling Negro some food at a McDonald’s. Almost immediately after, he was shot to death with a shotgun in a “unprovoked” attack.

It’s the same old story, white does something nice for Negro, Negro rapes, robs or murders white. And this is certainly not the first white officer that’s had to pay for diversity with his or her life.

Click here for this story.

“Shootings between police and suspects are on the rise around South Carolina and the nation, and officers are in more danger than ever before, police say.”

Police officers have very dangerous jobs, especially with the increase of our “gift” of diversity. As con artist bureaucrats and the media try to calm your fears, this report seems to be a dose of honesty. When it comes to murdering a police officer, nobody can hold a candle to the Negro.

4 Responses to “Police Officers Face Cultural Diversity Every Day”

  1. JamesinUSA Says:

    Who would want to be a police officer today must be crazy! With all of the anti-white anti-police BS going on out there it’s a wonder they get any recruits.

  2. Robert Melynk Says:

    Well that would assume that they have to be white recruits.

  3. “As usual, the media try to downplay another white police officer being shot by a Negro by trying to deceitfully put a positive spin on the story, involving a Negro. ”

    Am I ever feeling stoopid, Niv. I didn’t pick that up when I read the stories. Once I read about Officer Henwood’s black killer, I realized that Brian Williams at NBC Nightly News had cut out that part, but I didn’t put the two halves (subtract a negative angle about a black AND add a positive angle about a black) together.

  4. the police are brutal to the whole black race so spare me the innocent white cop facade white cops are callous and calculating and writing these aRticles is just another way to sugarcoat hate and if racists had it your way we would all be dead so i say shoot or b shot pricks!

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