Indoctrination Through Advertisement, Media and Entertainment

Wal-Mart is pushing the multiculturalism.

This was found in the ads of Wal-Mart

Click here to see Wal-Mart add number one.

This too, was found in the ads of Wal-Mart.

Click here for Wal-Mart add number two.
Prison Wives TV Show

Interracial Advertisement for Show, Prison Wives

Here is some more disgusting programming being aired on television. Take a look at the two hands pressed up against the glass. What interracial symbolism, huh?

Click here for “Opposites Attract.”
Axe Body Wash

There are some interesting events in this commercial. While watching this bit of “marketing” for the first time, I noticed the introduction of the blonde haired woman at 0:12. Upon noticing her, my next thought was, where is the Negro? And almost immediately, after she makes the sexual insinuation about keeping “your balls clean”, she stares directly at a Negro. I thought, alright, just as I suspected. After that, at 0:47 she says, “Why don’t we start with these small balls.” At this point in time the camera pans to a blonde haired man in the audience. Later, a Negro stands up and says to the blonde haired woman, “What about my ball sack?” She says, “Just plop it right here and let’s get to work!” He throws a bag of soccer balls down to her, she then says, “That’s a big ball sack!”

There is certainly a game being played with marketing, media and entertainment – a game that will prove greatly detrimental to the white race, if not recognized for what it is.


Whites still represent the majority in this country, yet you’d never know it based on this advertisement by Neighbors Federal Credit Union.

FIFA Propaganda

ESPN offended me greatly with this commercial. I feel it is an obvious attempt to perpetuate the created illusion that all whites are evil and Negros are once again, the “victims” that overcame “white cruelty.”

The commercial plays powerful and inspiring music with video of Negroes that appear to be in a camp, watched over and domineered by their white masters. When suddenly the guards allow them time to play soccer, and the heavens open; the Negro has smelled his freedom and salvation – thanks to a soccer ball.

Come to South Africa to spend money on our game and globalist scheme; you too will be free and happy, the white man is also evil; that’s what the commercial connotes.

Most of us are aware of the mind-numbing realities of the behavior of the Negroes in South Africa and the entire continent itself. I think ESPN would have a difficult time promoting their money making globalist event if they were to show photographs of poor, White South Africans being hacked to death and raped by Negroes with IQs lower than a midget doing the limbo.



National Geographic on HULU




Here’s a new one.

The “multiculturalists” are going to start pumping these commercials out as fast as they can. They know whites are waking up.

As usual, the “star” of the commercial is a Negro with his harem. And what would a Negro’s harem be without a white, female slave? This is their formula for destroying whites, and they’re going to stick with it.

The brother of this Negro, Daymon Wayans is a hardcore racist, based on one of his You Tube videos that I recall from the past. I remember him telling whites to go back to their caves in Europe. I’m sure I can find that video some time.





6 Responses to “Indoctrination Through Advertisement, Media and Entertainment”

  1. I wonder why ESPN does not cover one of the Greatest African Sports of all time?

    GANG RAPE OF WHiTE WOMEN? HMMMMMMM! Any reasons why?

  2. JamesinUSA Says:

    It’s enough to make one puke! Maybe if enough whites were to complain about these ads the people putting them together would come to realize that they are actually turning people off instead of having the desired effect.

  3. Force it down our throats. The idea is to desensitize us to the whole issue. I am amazed at how many people are disgusted by this but usually make no comment unless it is addressed. God help America.

  4. Hey man! Thanks for this post.
    For more information..

  5. BunnyOlesen Says:

    HAAA that last commercial with the black bitch is hysterical. I understand the biggest complainers about that commercial were black women, cause ‘why you gotta make black women look like bitches’? LMAO

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