Heartless Savagery

Just watch this.

Go to the Head of the Class


I Need Jane Goodall to Decipher This SHIT!

Africa Does Not Play With Suspected Witches


Blacks should not waste their time with griping about how other races treat them, considering the barbaric shit they do to one another. You will find a perfect example below. These are probably the same people that sent them off on slave ships long ago, fortunately for them.

(WARNING) I am giving a warning right now: do not watch this video unless you are able to handle violence of this nature.
This is as ugly and barbaric an act as you will see. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

CLICK HERE – If You Can Handle the Brutality of Real African Life.

4 Responses to “Heartless Savagery”

  1. thats is very scary. hey at least those people are not in the USA

  2. One could argue the Negroes have been afforded unreasonable accommodation in the USA after two generations of integration into the white school system, the Negro achievement gap is even more pronounced… recently an Education Department study pointed out the magnitude of the problem: In reading and math scores, 17-year-old black students on average performed at about the level of 13-year-old white students.

  3. niviusvir Says:

    Those are all very interesting points that you make, Mark.

  4. If the US does not take steps to curb third world immigration and put a stop to this PC nonsense, things will not be getting better in the US. It’s a slippery slope and when you go over the edge, what’s done it cannot be undone without blood being spilled.


    South Africa is your looking glass.

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