Department of Justice: Crime Statistics by Race

Blacks are at least seven times more likely to kill someone!

Nearly 40,000 white women were raped in 2005 (according to the DOJ)! This compared to approximately ten white men raping black women. 40,000:10! If that does not clue you in to there being some type of serious problem, you yourself have the problem.

I’ve backed up these images of the original DOJ website statistics, so I’ll always be able to provide them if needed again.

Below is a video of a black guest, Larry Elder, who is trying to tell the truth about black on white crime.

Find the information you need, regarding race and crime. Go to

Click to see “The Color of Crime.”

29 Responses to “Department of Justice: Crime Statistics by Race”

  1. NV:
    I plan to use these stats in the VERY near future…if anyone plays the race card.
    Of course, we all know they won’t bother to READ the stats…
    They’d MUCH rather hoot, holler, and thump thier chests…like the apes they are.
    …So typical, isn’t it?

    • I agree Bob: it is typical.

      Regarding the stats, the Department of Justice displays on their site, African Americans i.e. Negros have a seven times greater propensity to commit murder. Also in 2005, nearly 40,000 white women were raped by the Negro, in comparison to ten black women being raped by white men. Those stats are also listed on the pages list to the right, here at The Cave.

  2. You have to be able to read to understand the stats and we know public inner city schools are nothing but Gang infested rat beds…..So get wif it homey

  3. I looked for those crime stats on the DoJ’s website and they appear to either be gone or very well hidden. If you can locate them I would appreciate it if you could redirect me.

  4. white people kill their parents and siblings…when’s the last time you’ve heard of a black person doing that?

  5. Hi all,

    I’m a 28 yr old black male and I want to set the record straight. You’re right. Completely right, 100%. I’m sure you were expecting me to say some garbage like “yeah but all races are doing bad things.” Well that would be wrong. In fact your so right about this that when I go out in public and see another black person with a gold chain, no job, pretends he owns a nice car, who is just waiting to do something that he shouldn’t, I get embarrassed. I feel like I have to explain why he looks, and acts the way that he does. The biggest problem is that I can’t. I don’t know why we act like that. I don’t want to try and explain it anymore though. I’m making plans to move to Bern, Switzerland. I can’t take it anymore, and I just want to live my life in peace. I have an above average IQ, and I was lucky enough to be good looking (considering most black people), I am beginning to own homes that I rent out for a good cashflow.

    I can’t deny that If I were a white person, and I looked at the crime rate, cultural values, and ambition of the black people I would have a “stay away” policy too because a basic social rule that goes with being human is “treat someone the way that they act” – If you act like you should be locked up, then I want you too be locked up. All I hear from the black side is how racist everyone is to black people, but I think they treat us the way that we act. No one is actually racist, they just respond to a similar situation by remembering something that they have already dealt with. How well you rationalize that memory is what makes you smart or stupid. Most black people know three things, (1) They want something (2) Something is getting in the way of their getting it. (3) that something doesnt have the same skin color as me.

    So we rationalize a previous experience “I didn’t get what I want” with a general experience “there is a white person standing in front of me”, EVERY other race then goes to the next part – “there is a rational reason why i didnt get it, this person is only relaying a message to me, so there must be a technical reason why I didn’t get it. Oh that’s why . . . I didn’t have enough money to buy it.” The rational for a black person is not the same, and I’m expected to defend that rational. I can’t do that.

    I have explained the problem, the solution, and attempted to get an entire community of people to realize a more comfortable way of life. But It’s been a waste of my time. In 50,000 years only one group of people have managed to ignore reason, and never get passed the tribal era, while other races have progressed and blossomed into well developed cultures. So I can say for certain that any attempt at reform, acceptance, and even tolerance would be a wasted effort. So instead of using the term “we”, I’m going to join the million of other people who have thrown their hands in the air and say “them”.

    • Aline Uwimana Says:

      how sad you are!!

    • I admire your comment. However, don’t give up
      because, if by your example you reach one, then
      you have done your part. Sincerely, this is being
      written by one of the not so good looking amongst
      the human race.

  6. Guy Smiley Says:

    “I was lucky enough to be good looking (considering most black people)”

    that’s how I know either you are white OR you are a black man with very low self esteem since you thought appearance played a role in this discussion then you chose to imply you think an entire race is predominantly “unattractive.” You don’t love yourself enough to have an informed opinion on the pains of anyone in any situation surrounded by race. Blame the victim might work with your white friends … but not here sorry. I actually like Larry Elder’s ideas, but just like any good media personality sensibility isn’t needed to create interest actually the opposite.

  7. Bigotry ends when it ends with me. Bigotry is what these gentlemen are talking about, not racism. However if you are so dopey as to not understand the definitions of words, then make them interchangeable. One cannot legislate an end to bigotry or racism, it must come from oneself, regardless of what Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton says. These two men ( Jesse and Al ) are responsible for the perpetuation of hate in the United States. Although they are supposed to be preachers, GOD please help them see the light.


    We can understand why the European had to take control and rule these savages.

    Look at Africa, the whole continent is in poverty, crime and chaos most of the time, these includes all countries colonialized or not.

    Since the democratic elections in South Africa (1994); and the blacks came into power, crime and general corruption has escalated dramatically, with savage brutal murders at the forefront.

    Proof again, if you want a good leader and someone you can trust with your life don’t choose a black man.

    BTW, your crime statistics for black crime is virtually the same world-wide.

  9. I have been harping about this to no end for my own people.This is the nail in the coffin,if you don’t believe this,you are truly blind!

  10. race traitor Says:

    86% of white victims were killed by whites
    94% of black victims were killed by blacks
    from the department of justice cite you posted but rather at odds with what most of the people who post on this cite seem to believe.

    • niviusvir Says:

      Self-segregation has saved whites from being victimized to a greater degree. Black on white violence is grossly disproportionate, yet. When they do cross paths, the white, often times is seen as prey. Listen to what Larry Elder is saying.

  11. The PROBLEM here with Tavis and ALL these “activists” like Sharpton and Jackson are…THEY ARE DOING THEIR CAUSE A HUGE DIS-JUSTICE BY GETTING CAUGHT UP IN THIS WHO’S RIGHT AND WRONG BS which does NOTHING to help the real issues here!!! Who’s more racist? Who’s the victim??? Who’s entitled to what??! Etc etc etc… It makes it worse!!! That “power” quote was pure ignorance and Mr Elder did a wonderful job of calling it out! And what’s the response??? “Are you calling King an idiot?” as if that’s the point! The point is…was what was said a legitimate statement or not??! REGARDLESS of who said it!! See the FACTS for what they are and only then will you be able to properly address reality and work towards a solution. All of this arguing is a distraction to the real issue and NOTHING IS RESOLVED! It’s the blame, shame, victim game and it leads NOWHERE! Shame on them! And you want to see a biased liberal media?? Watch Politics “Nation” on MSNBC along with all the other prime time shows and judge for yourself! Can’t even call it journalism!

  12. Santana Says:

    I am an eighteen year old black female who agrees to an extent to the previously stated outlooks.
    I believe that there are a few different reasons for the behavior of a large amount of black people:
    1) They feel they are owed something by whites in repayment for past actions and harbor resentment.
    2) They believe they cannot amount to anything more than criminals because of their environment.
    3) They are taught to harbor resentment and hate towards whites by their elders.
    In the first scenario, I believe that the black community is using projection as a coping mechanism to (ineffextively) deal with the trauma that was dealt our race. Let’s face it: slavery isn’t nice, and affected the psyche of the black community as a whole more than anyone of any other race could fathom, just as the trauma of the holocaust affected the psyche of the jewish community. However, it is ignorant and childish to expect repayment or special treatment from an entity that once wronged you. As a whole, the black community needs to face the trauma, accept it, forgive white people without needing an apology or repayment and move on.
    The white community may not be aware that in the black community there is alot of black-on-black racism and resentment. Historically, lighter skinned slaves were treated better than darker skinned slaves by their masters, of which darker skinned blacks are quite resentful. This resentment has survived to modern times (if not thrived). This resentment has in part led to a compulsive need by a large part of the black community to “act black.” I myself am rather light skinned and have ran across many darker skinned black people who have told me I “act white” because I do well in school, don’t usually speak in ebonics, and participate in traditionally “white” past-times such as theatre, ballet and figure skating. If “acting black” constitutes underachieving, using incorrect grammar and sounding like a complete moron, and hanging out on street corners getting into trouble instead of participating in constructive activities, then why in the world would I (or anyone for thay matter) want to act black? This internal social conditioning has led to a deep down belief in many blacks that they are organically unable to succeed in so-called “white” things. It’s almost sad seeing the wasted potential in the black community, yet I am hard-pressed to sympathize with black people who have that outlook, as they are perfectly capable of making their own decisions and opinions, but choose not to. Same goes for blacks with the beliefs of the third type that I mentioned above.
    I am a rising sophomore in college studying psychology, and though I am not nearly an expert in diagnosing psychological issues, I would say with some certainty that the psyche of the black community suffers from some sort of anxiety disorder such as PTSD and is unable to move past the trauma that our race as a whole endured. However, I think that it is very possible for this “PTSD” to be cured. What the black community needs to do to invoke change is to start thinking more individually and strive for more success; then promote the idea of progress to the next generation. We need to change the mentality of our community, instead of trying to change the opinions of outsiders. Only then can real progress and real equality be attained.

  13. PlaygroundBully Says:

    You say they are owed…We free you after learning slavery from your own people..Africa still enslaves your own people today. We as a community/White race learned slavery was wrong and ended it..Your own ancestors sold you for sugar and spice and everything else nice as they had nothing to trade to the newcomers “Whites” Africa taught white people that slavery was the way of the world and we learned it from you. We also unlearned it from ourselves..NOT YOU! It was our own country fighting within itself for your rights and you shit on us as if we owe you something..

    For the record: Your are not owed anything…You owe us..You owe your country a debt which we claim as you doing your part in building a nation which freed you and your people giving you this life you have now. Since you been free you have exercised no will to improve america only cry and whine about what you shoulda coulda had or want. You are sad as a race to think you are entitled to more then you have recieved ..Sponging off the community/nation/city/poeple is not helping …It’s called mooching and leeching. Blacks are not only ones doing this obviously but this topic is about thier short comings not other races. We came to America as a white race and flourished..We errected Towers/skyscraper to the clouds..We built countless works of art and world wonders…What has Africa done or built or accomplished in all of its ANCIENT TIME ON THE PLANET AS ONE OF THE OLDEST NATIONS..Better yet..One of the First motherlands.Your have done nothing as a race to better your future or your own race unless it involves blaming someone for something you didnt get or something you want but truly dont need..You as a nation/race are done with the blame game..We dont owe you anything as a race…This does not give you the right to rape 40,000 white woman to the 10 black women we have raped..Your numbers are wrong..Your veiws are wrong..You are a terrible waste to the human existance as long as you truly believe in the things you say you are owed for or people in your race that is.

    P.S. You yourself have never suffered no wrong doings due to slavery..You wasnt even alive..>Nor was anyone today..You are crying about something only your own race cares about and is still pushing…You want another civil war????? Would you be happy with the outcome if we as a nation segregated completely? Tell your Mommy and Daddy and uncles and aunts…You suffered nothing only that which you have created today…What you have created you will suffer for as it is what you yourself have created. You suffered no slavery…no hangings…no rapes.. STOP CRYING FOR NOTHING…

    P.S.S. How dare you speak of what happend to the jews as if you had anything close. Your race is no comparison. The way you think your owed is truly sad. As for you being a prodigy of your own enviroment…Did the white man make you kill, steal and rape your own race? I think not…You are not a prodigy of your own enviroment or Hood but a prodigy of yourself and what your race truly is and has become. You rape, kill and steal from you own kind like vicious wolves..We didn’t make you do this…You do this to your own community as your are animals of oppurtunity.

    • hubert rosenberg Says:

      Lol. Dude, you basically didn’t read anything the previous poster wrote. Also, why do you keep calling her a prodigy, don’t you mean product. As a modern day jew 🙂 with a masters in economics, I can say with great certainty that blacks have another century before they’re in a position to help themselves. My people regained their prosperity after the holocaust and were able to blend in with WASPs (seriously, a lot of family changed their names to not sound so Jewish. Blacks had no prosperity to be regained, they never received any assistance early on and they can’t exactly change their names and blend in (on the contrary, they took names like freeman, lol). I personally don’t associate with blacks because they’re too self conscious.

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