Bridget Kelly

The media did not reveal the race of the killer in this report. But after some research I discovered, as I assumed, he was in fact a Negro. He was eighteen-year-old, Jamaal Adrian Turner.

She was one of a great many, but she survived.

4 Responses to “Bridget Kelly”

  1. Of course, Charlie Gibson would not want to focus on the fact that the negro attacker was simply looking to victimize a white person.

    Charlie Gibson has benefited greatly from his financial arrangement with his Jewish Extremist media bosses and has done their bidding as best he could.

    Ever listen to Rush Limbaugh? After listening to Limbaugh’s latest installment of his devotional Israeli moment, I decided to find out who cuts his check.

    Rush Limbaugh (the self professed conservative and patriot) works directly for Clear Channel Premier Radio Networks, which is owned primarily by Bain Capital Partners.

    Bain Capital’s CEO is Orit Gadiesh, an Israeli national….who served in Israeli Army Intelligence. Not only is there a direct link between the Jewish Extremists and Limbaugh…Jewish Extremists are PAYING Limbaugh’s salary.

    Here is what I think is going on: The Federal Reserve (which is controlled by Jews/Israelis) prints money and lends it to the US Government for interest payments. It takes the interest and funnels money to Jewish/Israeli entities who in turn, purchase strategic assets – such as banks, media companies and politicians.

    Israelis own Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Levin…all of them. It seems that the Israelis are taking Lenin’s (another Jew) advice on the competition:

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it” – Lenin

    Limbaugh (et al.) tries to get his listeners to equate patriotism with support for a foreign nation (Israel). Limbaugh attempts to sell the endless wars that aren’t good for the US, but are great for…Israel.

    Limbaugh frequently professes his undying support for both Jews and Israel. Limbaugh NEVER allows any discussion of the Jewish Wallstreet “Kosher Nostre” and its connection to the Fed, nor any discussion on the veracity of the so-called Holocaust. Limbaugh touts the virtues of Freedom of Speech but stifles any discussion of the imprisonment of Free Speakers for the crime of questioning the official version of the Holocaust in Europe.

    Hannity and Levin do pretty much exactly what Limbaugh does with respect to Israel and the Jews. So does beck, but I notice that Beck actually has an embedded Jew in his program acting as a side-kick…

    We need to rid our media, financial system and political system of foreign interference.

  2. of course they omit the fact that niggers rape a white women exry 4 minutes.


  4. woman need to carry a gun at all times unless they want to be victems of negro crime.

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