Arm Yourselves, Legally!

Just simply arm yourselves legally, not for my protection – for yours.

3 Responses to “Arm Yourselves, Legally!”

  1. Any time you there is a negro around, you should be thinking tactically about how you will deal with the threat.

    There is a video on this blog that shows a security camera view of an elderly woman sharing an elevator with a negro male. The negro male pretends to be listening to its ipod and not paying attention to anything. The elevator door opens on the 5th floor and when the woman steps toward the door, her back is to the negro. The negro then grabs the woman and puts her in a headlock and chokes her out…all captured on video.

    Moral of story: don’t EVER turn your back on the feral negro.

    Do so at your peril.

  2. Pat,
    getting on a elevator with a negro is a no,no.

  3. What I hate about white people:

    We’ve seen the statistics on black/white crime, we’ve seen that the whites are basically being exterminated by blacks, yet we try and be so decent and politically correct in how we treat these matters, it makes me sick.

    In almost all the crime documentaries I’ve seen, the detectives speaks so nicely to the accused and even shakes his hand in the interview, this after the human garbage confessed to the brutal murder.

    When are we going to openly admit to the world that there is a huge race/crime issue and that we are now taking a stance, standing up for ourselves -zero tolerance.

    The white guys should get more street-smart and vigilant and prepare themselves with combat skills, else we will be exterminated!!!

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