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Hello, welcome to The Cave. Freedom of speech is great!

The core of what I write is supported by statistical facts and not conjecture.

Unruly blacks continue to hypnotize and mesmerize the youth of countries, with their dark charisma i.e. rap albums, glorification of wild street life etc. But the kiddies don’t realize what the results of worshiping them are. Their destructiveness and destructive influence are causing major US cities to look like war zones, or nuclear blast sites.

Anybody that is honest with themselves, knows that it is rare, if not impossible to find a black neighborhood you can feel safe walking through. The top twenty most dangerous cities in the US are predominately black, while the top twenty safest, are White.

The problem is not only in the United States. Africa is the oldest continent to be inhabited by man, according to archeologists, and yet it remains a land of the walking dead shrouded by a blanket of misery, a template for black societal potential. Money has been continually dumped into Africa by countries abroad in an effort to improve it, to no avail. The Dark Continent is the world’s incubator of AIDS. Bands of men, knowing the disease lurks within their land, prowl the streets looking for women to rape, thus sentencing the women to the same demise of the evil assailant.

America is being destroyed, one city at a time. Look at the streets! Please do not con yourselves. How many predominately white towns have bullet proof glass at gas stations?

Political correctness has been inhibiting true progress now for some time. Black advocates will doggedly focus on e.g. one black woman’s claim of alleged rape by white lacrosse players, in the meantime they turn a blind eye to the epidemic of brutal violence occurring everyday in their city streets i.e. AK-47 toting Bloods, Crips and the hundreds of other gangs governing American cities.

Stereotyping has aided man in his attempts at prolonged survival for years. It is one of man’s many survival tools in his repertoire of instincts. If you are bit by a black snake and nearly die, you will be leery of all snakes, especially black ones, for good reason. The intrinsic stereotyping instinct, makes a great servant but a poor master. You should use this tool wisely.

If you know blacks, by laws of probability are more likely to commit an act of violence and accompany this with uneasy feelings you might be having around them, use your instincts you should be at more of a heightened state of awareness. Black people are allowed to survey their surroundings with a leeriness, and you should too. That should fall under the category of common sense. Don’t believe media coverage and political correctness above your own instincts and objectivity.

We do not encourage violence unless in defense of one’s self. We encourage awareness. People should be vigilant. Just simply know that there might be similarities in the races but, they are not the same.

LEGALLY ARM YOURSELVES!!!TAKE THE CLASSES FOR A PERMIT!!! Do not ever initiate violence but be able to defend yourselves.

This is a speech delivered by the late and unlamented, Khallid Muhammad. This demonstrates that contrary to many people’s beliefs, that blacks are capable of racism. Also, notice all of the people that are there, they are giving comments of approval with regards to his fanciful talk of overkill of the White man, you can feel the fury.

This is quite typical in most American cities today.

This is quite typical in some parts of most American cities today.

Trashy Neighborhood 4

“I have always observed that wherever you find the Negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving.” —Robert E. Lee, to fellow Virginian Col. Thomas H. Carter, June, 1865

Speak up! Political correctness is lame!

Americans need to remember, they(we) have the right to speak, regardless of the savagery, violence, megalomania and near infinite resourcefulness of those opposed.

Amendment 1 of the Bill of Rights says: ” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I am not responsible for the content of other people’s blogs on my list, except for the comments I make myself.

14 Responses to “About The Cave, (CAVE ENTRANCE) Great Place to Start on This Blog”

  1. Wonderful facts within that write-up, anime occupies a rediculous amount of of my free time.

  2. america is a cesspool of cultures

  3. suziewoman Says:

    Turd world Charlotte, Norf Coonalina:


    I’m not the bit surprised. Enjoy your demise, Charlotte!

  4. EuroWarrior Says:

    I used to live in Charlotte. It is turning into a negritude, like Atlanta, where I’m from!!

  5. blame yt 2012 Says:

    Great site – Thanks for having the balls to expose what blacks really are – worthless assholes

    • niviusvir Says:

      I appreciate it, Blame. All it is, is the truth. People have been condition to accept lies about race so much, that they are now lying to themselves.

  6. Whitewraithe Says:

    This heretic’s speech has nothing godly going for it or his race because like the Jews they cannot assimilate into a decent culture or society. It either has to be the Black or the Jew running the show. They don’t know how to play well with others and that is the primary reason racism still exists today. Not that the whites don’t have some part to play in this tragedy – they do, but that was due to Jewish influence at the time Jewish slave ships were bringing Africans to the colonies. And an American black professor confirmed that fact. His name escapes me at the moment. But check out Who Really Brought the Slaves to America.

  7. Well, to say someone is “white” is to say they live like a Rockefeller–or as an Appalachian poor white? Just as there are degrees of white experience in America, there are different degrees of life experience for Black Americans. Can’t paint all people with the same brush, Do open you heart to your family of man.

  8. Sonny, Do open up your mind to the empirical evidence and make use of your logical faculties to arrive at reasoned conclusions. Faulty logic and emoting over problems of genetics brings only disaster.

    Please stop the hate. Separate. For peace unto all the world. Spread the word, Sonny.

  9. BunnyOlesen Says:

    Sonny’s a douchebag. Even in areas of poor whites, crime and violence was nothing like what is seen in black countries, black neighborhoods, or toilets like Haiti.

  10. ..We sell our house and move to a new clean suburb, then 2 years down the line they start invading there and we move again as things there starts to deteriorate.

    how long can this go on for, I guess forever cause they breed and spread like a virus and we cannot keep up.

    I don’t feel bad about calling a spade a spade anymore, there is nothing wrong with me wanting my kids to grow up in a safe neighborhood.

    • Jock, I completely understand your desire for your children to live in a safe neighborhood. And I’m fairly certain that we both realize that goal cannot be accomplished with diversity. Thanks for the comments.

  11. Hey Niv check out the teacher who attacked another teacher with a screwdriver in Poughkeepsie NY. This was a teacher…. what exactly is she teaching her black students??

  12. Bruce Kenan Says:

    The failure of blacks to join civilized society is real, but it’s not permitted to even address the subject in the USA. Until the failure of black culture can be addressed, it can never begin to be remedied. thank you for creating this blog that speaks the unmentionable truth that so many know but sadly would never dare say.

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