Demonstration of Black Power

Poor South Africans, Afrikaners

Poor South Africans, Afrikaners

I believe it is of the utmost importance for us to remember our white brethren in South Africa. They are in a situation that warrants us keeping a close eye on our brothers and sisters’ daily situation.

Most of the blacks in Africa, like the rest of the world, hate us. We have to keep their plight in everyone’s minds. We are pulling for you all, white South Africans!

This should certainly open some eyes. Witness egalitarianism at the hands of blacks.

9 Responses to “Demonstration of Black Power”

  1. Ebrahim Noorbhai Says:

    I’m a South African Arab abroad in the United States and I think that there should be equality amongst one another. It was the Afrikaaner’s who took the African’s out of the dark ages, introduced them to a government and many other benefits of the twenty first century, yet no credit is given. One day the same people will realize that the Afrikaaner rules the government the best unlike the corrupt goverment in the Parliment. Even though I’m not an Afrikaaner we grew up knowing one way until the kafir came into power, but fear not every dog has his day.

    Ebrahim Noorbhai.

  2. i know i should not say this but i am kind of glad, just for the fact that now whites can see the poverty can strike anyone not just blacks and that whites are not superior nor amune. but rather than that i feel for them just like i feel for any humanbeing in a bad situation.

  3. i completely agree with dominican. i recently got back from visiting kampala, uganda and i think its horrible these days how whites treat blacks. we are all human and children of God. everyone is beautiful in their own image. And this video just goes to prove that anything can happen to anyone. and from what i saw while being on Africa even the homes in this video are nicer than what the blacks had in Kampala.

  4. Melissa and Dominican are both tools.

    Firstly, Dominican should go back to the Dominican Republic and pick sugar cane for a dollar a day. And Melissa, why don’t you go too?

    The truth is that you are both enjoying the benefits of living in a country founded by white people. Those poor whites in SA aren’t. They are in a negro country.

    Melissa, if you don’t want to go to the DA – how about Detroit? Get out of the oppressive safety and security of the white neighborhood that your parents provided for you.

    Go get some life experience…and then get your head out of your ass.

  5. To all above!

    Well, I read your messages and I have to say this:

    Poverty is some shitty thing what hapen’s to too many people.
    In SA it’s understandable that there is still some sort of Apartheid. This takes time!
    I also do know that the unofficial Apartheid is executed more amougst the coloured population to other people.

    What I’m trying to say is actually that simply time is needed to let the people get used to the fact that there is no official Apartheid. This time can even be 3 to 4 gererations.

    If you look in general kolonial history, you will see the same story com up every time.
    So please don’t be to hard on people and yourselves.



  6. This is so sad, the media in Europe, tells us little or nothing about this in the news. What can we do to help, please tell us.

  7. S.A. is just another Zimbabwe in the making. Kick the whites out and your country goes stone age. Yeah, I actually backpacked the African continent for 6 months. The colonial powers built everything from roads to railway to hospitals, but all in decay now.
    Melissa, I doubt you ever made it to Uganda. Blacks kill blacks there. There are very few whites in Uganda, so I do not know what you have been smoking.

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