Man Has Gun Pulled on Him for Farting!

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9 Responses to “Man Has Gun Pulled on Him for Farting!”

  1. Sounds like self defense to me.

  2. Robert in Arabia Says:
    The toddler thrown out with the trash: Missing three-year-old found dead days after he vanished

  3. NV:
    I just want to know WHEN everyone else will wake up and take notice to all these stories posted here…
    There IS a major problem with a SPECIFIC group of “people”, and no one wants to call them on it.
    They claim “diversity” or some other load of BS.

    (meanwhile, the moolies get the freebies out the a$$ on the taxpayetrs’ dime).
    That just ain’t right.

    Good post,.

    Stay safe out there.

  4. they have given up on the jenkim sniffing?
    and…lol, they find bad odours offensive….iqs of a turd.

  5. Robert in Arabia Says:

    Tuesday, July 17, 2012
    Ironic Twist in Murder/Rape of Swedish Girl
    This is an older story that completely slipped under my radar. Granted, my blog was not up at the time of this crime. But I don’t even recall ever hearing about it! But it is an important story and a cautionary tale. Thus I am posting it today. A little over a year ago a music video called “Mix it Up” (which I did hear about and watch.) was shot in Sweden. The whole premise of the video was that whites should sleep with non – whites. It was pure Miscegenation propaganda. The video itself is a topic worthy of an entire post. One of the “Stars”of the video was a pretty little blond Swedish girl named Elin Krantz. At one point in the video, Krantz can be seen writhing on top of a black male in mock sex while singing what I believe to be the Swedish National Anthem. You can see it in the video beginning around the 1:02 mark.

    In a twist of sickening fate Elin Krantz was brutally raped, murdered and her body discarded like garbage by a black male who was riding the same train as her. I have seen the crime scene photos and they are sickening. I take zero pleasure in the fact that this poor girl departed this earth in one of the most horrible ways imaginable. But the irony here is not lost on me. If anything, Elin Krantz should be the poster child for the evil human sacrifice cult that is liberalism. A cult that is especially successful at brainwashing and sacrificing young white women to its God of Non – Discrimination.

    Posted by Cicero at 12:24 PM
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  6. Robert in Arabia Says:

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