This Man Tells it Like It Is!

3 Responses to “This Man Tells it Like It Is!”

  1. That wuss of a reporter, where does HE live?l bet in a lilly white enclave

    • That reportard was a total POS. The person being interviewed did a good job of telling it like it is. I would have liked to seek him question the reporter on whether or not the “afrrican acmerican’s” have destroyed their neighborhood. Pin that bastard down on that issue. Yes or no. All of a sudden, you’d see a lot of back pedaling and excuse making coming from that reportard.

  2. NV:
    I can SO relate to this man…on SO many levels!!!
    (as a homeowner that HAS seen HIS property become devalued out the butt, and his neighborhood turn into a ghettohood…and no one wants to admit to it at the city level)

    HE “gets it”…and doesn’t want “it” to get him.
    SPot on!!

    Make that guy the MAYOR!

    Good post.

    Stay safe.

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