“Can there ever again be an ‘all-American’ beauty?’ “

You have to read this article from the eugenicists at CNN. They are certainly focused on how and whom we breed with, in terms of race.

Click here for this story.


9 Responses to ““Can there ever again be an ‘all-American’ beauty?’ “”

  1. Robert in Arabia Says:

    Black twenty-year-old male Danielle Simpson with two black associates were interrupted by 84 year old Geraldine Davidson while in the process of burglarizing her home. They duct taped her mouth, bound her hands and legs and threw the white former school teacher and church organist into the trunk of her car. Ms Davidson was severely brutalized before the trio eventually tied a rope attached to a cinder block around her legs and threw her, still alive, into the river.


    These thugs rode around stopping to open the trunk and showing their trophy off to their friends. Not one person reported them to the police. They probably raped her too!

  2. EveryMan Says:


    Beach party negro style

  3. Dixieman Says:

    hoping that a tall tree and a short rope is in the immediate future of these feral negros………and I’m betting that the msm will be covering more Travon rallies over the next few weeks as they will completely ignore this story.

  4. Robert in Arabia Says:

    Murders on Video

  5. Suziewoman Says:

    I know the purpose of such antiwhite reports is to shame White males into marrying and procreating with Black and mixed women and to guilt trip Whites into believing that black women are epitome of beauty and not liking Whites. That’s what the whole guilt-tripping propaganda is about.

  6. Robert in Arabia Says:

    Obama’s sons do their thing.

    • niviusvir Says:

      It’s obvious they pride themselves in intelligence. That’s ridiculous. Thanks for the comment and link, Robert.

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