CNN Promoting Eugenics With Children?

Photo from CNN

Psychologists with certain interests continue to strive for a solution to their “problem”: the white race. They are working very hard to destroy us, and con us into breeding with other races, in order to make us disappear. Watch the video at the link below, as these conniving psychologists work to prod and develop new techniques to manipulate the minds of children.

They understand that the media are a powerful tool in implementing these schemes of racial destruction. While the owners of these media companies continue to browbeat whites into accepting interracial relationships, they carefully select whom they wish to marry their children.

One example of the manipulative techniques used by these schemers is the video directly below. I’m amazed at how overt the message is, yet I’m certain it goes undetected by many.

Intelligence and behavior are heavily influenced by genetics. Race is a major determining factor regarding the level of intelligence a human being will posses, along with how they will behave.

These people are trying to breed you like sheep. They want to “dumb down” the white race, in order to destroy the middle class, thus widening the gap between them and their closest competitors.

Click here for this story.


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