Spike Lee Tweets Wrong Address

If you haven’t heard of the Treyvon Martin story, congratulations on waking from your coma.

Spike Lee decided to tweet the address of who he thought was George Zimmerman (the man that apparently defended himself from a violent, black youth, Treyvon Martin), but Spike seemed to have gotten it wrong. Instead, the brilliant director publicly provided the address of an elderly couple to a bunch of blood-thirsty black supremacists.

Click here for the story.


3 Responses to “Spike Lee Tweets Wrong Address”

  1. Renee Singer Says:

    We hope that Elaine & David McClain sue the hell out of Spike Lee. At least Rush Limbaugh didn’t put anyone in danger.

  2. Robert in Arabia Says:


    Obama’s other son makes headlines.

  3. Spike Lee’s hate for White people will be repaid some day.
    He bought his way out of this … I would have never let him off that easy.

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