Is Google Racist?

If you search “black on white crime” in the Google search engine, you just might find the same bewildering results that I found today. Upon entering that key phrase the first hit I received was the over-sensationalized Mississippi murder of James Craig Anderson by three white men in Mississippi. I can refer to this as over-sensationalized for the simple fact that whites are dying at the hands of violent blacks at much higher rates than the inverse, yet when I search black on white crime I’m directed to one of the rare incidents of white on black crime. And then, to make things worse, just below that you’ll see the Trayvon Martin case. That’s yet another crime in which the portrayed victim is yet again, black.

So, to sum it up, the media and the elites that control them have determined that blacks can and will only be portrayed as victims. Blacks are powerhouses of violence, and yet we’re being spoon-fed the complete opposite. The rulers that are pushing this “we’re all the same” garbage are just as cruel as the Negroes carrying out this violence, because they know what’s happening.

This is absurd! I believe Google needs to do some work on their product; it’s obviously defective.

People of European descent are being deceived about racial violence against our people, and Google appears to be complicit in this victimization.


15 Responses to “Is Google Racist?”

  1. Corey Hafner Says:

    Actually no. Google works on an algorithm that doesn’t always show the same people the same results.

    Basically, it shows you results like pages you have viewed before. For example, if you tend to view more libral pages it will show you more democratic pages and more libral news media, if you tend to view more conservative pages it will show you more conservative pages and meda.

    The real question then is: Are you racist?

    • niviusvir Says:

      Actually, it’s absurd that you type in “black on white crime” and you get hits that are THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE!

  2. The Mad Jewess Says:

    Yeah, they are racist, bunch of Commie-“Jews” own it.

  3. I was aware of the double standard LLLLong before ANY websites pointed this unfortunate fact out, and before there even was an internet.

  4. Maybe you should stop searching for black on white crime. Your race isn’t dying so just leave it alone.

    • niviusvir Says:

      You say that our race isn’t dying? We are dying! We’re being displaced and disappearing. Black on white violence is an epidemic.

      Tell that to the blacks that march on the streets when one their own is shot by a white. Although that is a very rare occurrence.

      • The Mad Jewess Says:

        He is nuts, they are murdering us off everyday.
        I was beaten up by 3 black girls while they screamed ‘white b*tch’.
        My husbands family member raped and had to have an abortion, which she was vehemently against (by a black man), our trusted friend suffered point range shooting, just under 100 pellets- we all survived.

        But the 2 elderly ladies this last wknd were raped (they were in their 80’s) and murdered by blacks.
        It is painfully obvious that the person above wants you to stop reporting this, sir, b/c he is guilty by association with his silence against his own people.

        My people are the scums of the earth, w/ the exception of 22%. They have helped totally wreck this country with multi cult insanity.
        I call my people out when I have to, why does this idiot not??

  5. niviusvir Says:

    Thank you for the comment, Jewess. I’m terribly sorry to hear about the violence committed against you and your family. I’m glad that you’re alright. It’s terrible that your husband’s family member was raped. And, although I too am typically against abortion, I can certainly understand her decision in doing so under those horrific circumstances.

    I recently had a friend tell me about one of his multicultural experiences the other day. He said that he saw what appeared to be a crowd of whites and blacks gathered around, outside of a concert. He didn’t know what was happening, but something seemed to be afoot. Upon a closer look, he realized that the crowd of blacks was jumping one white young man, while the surrounding whites seemed stunned and paralyzed. That’s just one of the abundant stories many of us have, either directly or indirectly.

    I suggest every sensible person earn their conceal carry license. If you’re in a state that requires the class, it’s not terribly lengthy or expensive. We have the right to defend ourselves from violence: women especially! I’m making certain the females in my life are able to do just that.

    • The Mad Jewess Says:

      TY, Niviusvir.
      I am locked and loaded with a 22 mag, .357 mag and a 12 g shotgun, with about 2k rounds. I am in AZ now. We left Commie NYC, thank GOD.

      Yes, abortion is a horror, I guess she had more of a d & c. She hates abortion as I do, but man o mighty.. What was that poor young woman supposed to do???

      I have had a LOT of racial discrimination against myself and members of my family and friends, like it is common place.

      I stick out in a crowd of darker people. I am 1/4 Seneca Iroquois, Portuguese and Scot, so, I am *super* white. The Scot in my makes me look very ghostly at times.

      I am a Jesus girl, btw. Just I dont think it is right to pretend that I dont come from the Jews… I used to, b/c many of them have made and my husband feel ashamed, but I am who I am, and he is right minded as well.

      It really is time that American white people get together and realize that it is 1963 for us; we are the hunted, lynched, beaten, raped and robbed. Everything has turned and we are now the ‘n*gger’, if you know what I mean.

      I just wish more white people would GET that this is real. They just seem to be braindead—-hopefully, this Zimmerman/Martin situation woke some ppl up.

      God Bless.
      BBS 🙂

  6. Dixieman Says:

    Robert and Corey have obviously spent too much time watching MTV and protesting in such ridiculous things as the “million hoodie march”……..Corey, we are not racist, we are race realist. We have been exposed to black on white violence numerous times and we are aware of the countless statistics that only solidify our stance (70% of all violent crime is committed by blacks, each year on average 35,000 white women are raped by black men while white men rape less than 4 black women on average……and so on). Robert, we don’t have to “search” for black on white crime, we see it every day of the week. From the black woman with 4 children by 4 different “baby daddies” using her welfare card while driving an Escalade, to the Black Panthers putting a bounty on a man yet to be charged with a crime. Take off the multicultural/pc rose colored glasses and take a good look at the state of our nation…..I shouldn’t have to keep two firearms when I travel, but I do (legally licensed) because of chance encounters I might have with blacks who think reality is game of Grand Theft Auto…….

  7. Niviusvir, I’m an I.T. guy (not that I know anything) and I’ve noticed the very same thing with Google, which I love, but they are changing their technology. Try this: Sign out of Google Service and then make sure that ‘Safe Search’ is turned off and I think you’ll get different and ‘cleaner’ search results. I suggest this because I noticed you were signed in from the screenshot. I’ll be interested to know what your results are like.
    I like your blog, thank you!

  8. As has been mentioned, this double standard was clear to me (and I expect most people) before the internet, though the threat of becoming a social outcast meant I didn’t mention at the time. One of the great things about the internet, is that our information should no longer be subject to hypocritical alteration (though this is still the case, as most reports still originate from the established news media. That what we are presented as the truth, even on the internet, is still the same anti-white indoctrination, drives home the desperation of our situation.

    I will be seeing if ask jeeves is any good.

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