Yes, She’s an Ass

White people like this, do need bred out of existence.


3 Responses to “Yes, She’s an Ass”

  1. This is exactly what I’ve been busting my ass a parent for the last 17 years to avoid. Someone should slap the shit out of her parents before they slap the shit out of her. This is a direct result of having a generation of our youth being raised on the pc/multicultural/libertard diet of MTV and Disney……everything black is wonderful and whitey is evil……..and spineless and lazy parents are a large part of the problem. We can only hope that this little coalburning brat is not the face of the majority of the generation……..if that is the case….we are so screwed….

  2. Yup. Either the result of a single parent relationship or her dad needs to get his head kicked in. How proud he must be listening to that foul mouthed little yobbo.
    When you let go, it drops. Doesn’t matter how good your intentions are. That’s the way things work. I kinda feel sorry for you guys in America , but you need to put a stop to this. No one else can.

  3. This is being spread primarily by America.

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