Sports Illustrated Promotes Miscegenation

I’m sure the global communists that run these banks and major corporations are happy with this photo.

The white race is targeted for destruction.


7 Responses to “Sports Illustrated Promotes Miscegenation”

  1. Robert in Arabia Says:


    I have a 16 year old daughter and I can stand that the MSM constantly pushes this crap on kids

    Here’s another example, and the MSM constantly blames the schools and teachers for not being able to educate these people

  3. Thanks for the contributions, guys.

  4. Everyman, I certainly have sympathy for your situation for you and your daughter. Hang in there.


    It is blood money the whore on that cover got paid with…. she will be hanging with judah on that dead oak tree.

    Surprise a old 20 year case of a black serial killer that the media didnt think was worth reporting…of course back then I was laughing my ass off at the Huxtables pretending to be a doctor, OJ with his glove dont fit you got to aquit….while these bimbos were programmed to think they are people just like us……as incog says, no more sunshine on the face, no more beautiful white children…just a nigger sitting in jail looking for pen pals.

  6. NV:
    Eeen starting to see this crap on TV adverts as well as department store flyers…like THIS is the way to go.
    (forget about the ABUSE the women suffer at the hands of these apes)
    And doesn’t the BIBLE have something to say about not “mixing with other races”.
    I mean, if ti was good enough back THEN, shouldn’t it be good enough NOW?

    I’m just sayin’…
    Stay safe out there.

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