Crystal Light

Breed together, sheep. That’s the message.


6 Responses to “Crystal Light”

  1. Robert in Arabia Says:

    Found perfect dates for women in commercial.

  2. Crystal Light: Cause a white women never knows when she’ll be forced to have sex with a negro.

  3. Look at that picture of that dirty piece of shit nigger in Robert in Arabia‘s post.

    The individual in the picture and all the patrons that those women had to deal with should be eradicated. He, because he is a POS nigger, and the others because I am sure they heard a cry for help but didn’t care as long as their weenie was being wanked.

  4. Robert in Arabia Says:

    Another white woman who doesn’t read VFR is murdered by her black boyfriend

  5. a couple of teenapes left to wander the zoo unescorted macheted a friends nieghbor in a just foozin steal your car attack.

    see a nig….be prepared.

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