14-Year-Old Defends His Sister and Himself

A fourteen-year-old North Carolina boy was placed in a frightening predicament by four Negroes that decided to invade his home. With only him and his sister at the residence, it was his duty to be the man of the house. He stepped up and did what he had to do. He shot the first Negro, Michael Henderson dead. After seeing their fiendish friend die before them they realized that breaking into this family’s home to terrorize them was probably not such a good idea.

We’ve seen gangs of Negroes breaking into the homes of innocent victims time and time again. Almost invariably it ends in the same way: rape, murder and theft.

Black violence is real. It will not change anytime soon. The only thing our elitist masters can hope to do, is to breed their white sheep with their black sheep in order to create a domesticated breed of human, with average (at best) intelligence. If you don’t believe this, look at the ubiquitous mulatto leaders they’ve placed in positions of “power.” This is their suggestive way of setting a standard. Look at commercials like this.

Well, fortunately this is another one of those stories where the victims fought back.

Thanks to Nada for sharing this story with us all.

To read the stories and watch videos of this case you can click here.


4 Responses to “14-Year-Old Defends His Sister and Himself”

  1. This event happened the same day as the other home invasion that received national coverage. The difference, a white female shot a white intruder…..That story was picked up by all of the major news outlets. This story was basically ignored as the four criminals were feral negroes. I’m not surprised anymore when the mainstream media goes out of their way to avoid running any story that puts the negro in a bad light…….

  2. Robert in Arabia Says:


    SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 2012
    Racist Super-Predator Brian Lee Wonsom: Dozens of Burglaries and Attempted Murder by 13; at 14, He Murdered Then Raped Reform School Teacher

    With photo and video

  3. lol, life support system for a muh dik invasion takes a “right” turn.

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