Black Man Attacks White Child While Walking Home

Josiah Kuehl

A Negro “man” attacked a 15-year-old white child. The victim, Josiah Kuehl was attempting to cross the street when the a Negro driving by saw the young man attempting to cross. The sight of a young white child appearing to be safely walking within his community apparently enraged the Negro. The assailant got out of his car and began viciously attacking the boy.

Josiah’s mother says that she can’t protect him from the world, but she can certainly warn him about the dangers of the Negro.

Don’t believe the egalitarian facade that the media try to portray; it’s all an illusion. There is an epidemic of Negro on white crime everywhere the two races encounter one another. Race is real.

Click here for this story.


4 Responses to “Black Man Attacks White Child While Walking Home”

  1. niviusvir Says:

    That was a good post, Robert. Forbes is more of the problem that plagues our people.

  2. Here’s some good news from N. Carolina (via the UK)

    A 14 year old boy shoots and kills one of 4 black home invaders.

    The only US news report I could find is from a local Henderson newspaper.—Home-intruder–shot-and-killed-in-Vance?instance=breakingNews_article

    Looks like they’re trying to keep this one very quiet. Does anyone have more infomation about this like the race of the shooter?

  3. Thanks for sharing that information with us, Nada.

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