Andrea Mitchell Thinks Iowa is Too White; I’m Sure She Lives in a Predominately Black Neighborhood

Andrea Mitchell

Now that some are saying that MSNBC has rid themselves of Pat Buchanan, for writing things in his latest book like a chapter titled, “The End of White America”, Andrea Mitchell of NBC is telling us that Iowa is just “too white.”

Pat Buchanan


6 Responses to “Andrea Mitchell Thinks Iowa is Too White; I’m Sure She Lives in a Predominately Black Neighborhood”

  1. It is rather disgusting to see this kind of multicultural/pc/libertard mindset exhibited by whites. Of course, if Andrea Mitchell lived in feral negro infested areas of Detroit, St. Louis, Charlotte, Atlanta, or Richmond, I’m guessing she might have a different attitude. No multicult/pc morons ever complain about Detroit being “too black”….What you have here is just another ultra liberal, negro loving, white guilt spewing the ignorance that is being force fed to the apathetic masses of our country. I’m really curious to see how Ms Mitchell’s children and grandchildren will feel as whites become the glaring minority in this country and are treated with the same affection as the whites in South Africa have been treated over the last five years. I would also suggest that she ask a few of the residents of Davenport, Iowa how they feel about Iowa being “too white”………..What a pathetic excuse of a “journalist”…..

  2. Robert in Arabia Says:

    Another murder of the usual kind:

  3. ugly and vengeful usually goes hand in hand with neanderthal females.

  4. Andrea Mitchell’s first husband, Gil Jackson, was a negreo. She no doubt lived with him in some slummy area of Killadelphia.

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