Woman Burned Alive in Elevator

How many times have we seen Negroes demonstrate their affinity for fire, and how many more times will see this?

The poster that I’d like to thank for this story, Robert, also made an interesting point. He noticed that while Yahoo in the UK seemed to cover this story, he saw nothing about it in the American media.

Click here for this story.


3 Responses to “Woman Burned Alive in Elevator”

  1. There is an article on Amren about Eve Carson who was robbed and murdered a few years ago. The details of her killing, as far as I have found, were never revealed in the US press. It was a story out of a British paper that Amren had referenced.

    I believe the MSM knows that the feces would hit the fan if people knew the truth. Now is the time keep exposing the truth and keep kicking the MSM to show how they are complicit in the spilling of innocent blood.

  2. This story really horrified me when I first read it. Then I saw the victim’s photo in the New York Daily News. As soon as I saw that the victim was black, I ceased to care.

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