7-Year-Old Little Girl and Uncle Shot in the Head

Kyleigh and Jeremy Crane

Michael Bell was accussed of rape, but was later acquitted. (photos from WTHR)

A seven-year-old little white girl and her uncle were both executed by bullets to the heads. Police have arrested a Michal Bell, a Negro that was acquitted years ago of rape. They are now looking for an accomplice of his in this downright heinous crime. This happened in Cumberland, Indiana. We’ll try to follow up on this story. The media will more than likely try to hide his race. They realize that whites are going to begin to tire of their 7-year-olds being shot in the head.

It was national news when somebody got on a PA system at a Wal Mart, and asked all blacks to leave, yet when they put bullets in the heads our our people (which happens every single day) there’s not a peep. Negro violence is absolutely ridiculous! Nobody in their right mind wants to live around them.

I appreciate Bubba sharing this with us all. As sad as it is, we have to realize what’s happening to our people at the hands of Negroes. This has become a common occurrence thanks to desegregation.

Click here for this story.


11 Responses to “7-Year-Old Little Girl and Uncle Shot in the Head”

  1. Did I read that right? That spook Bell stayed with the family?

  2. I am a white female, and I would just like to say how ignorant you are making yourself look. It`s 2011. Get over it. Are you that close minded that you don`t see white people getting arrested every day for rape, murder, child molestation, etc.? People like you make our race look ignorant, and I am ashamed to say I share skin color with you.

    • I would like to say, that according to the Department of Justice, in 2005 nearly 40,000 white women were raped by blacks. That, versus ten (at most) black women being raped by white men. Do those numbers say anything to you? No, go back to watching Dancing With the Stars. You’re the reason so many whites have been slaughtered by Negroes. People like you, keeping your head in the clouds, perpetuate fallacies while I show you staggering statistic after staggering statistic. It is not safe to be around Negroes. Predominately black cities are terrifying. You know that.

  3. Here is info about the 2nd suspect, Jeremy Priel. Enter his name into the inmate search link below and it shows his birth date as Nov 1986.


    Here is a Jeremy Priel on Facebook who lists he’s been a ‘hustla’ since Nov 1986.


    In response to Melinda – no one here is saying that white people do not commit crimes. The fact is that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime compared to their relative percent of the overall population. Take for example black people are about 12% of the US population- black males then would be ~6% of the population and then about a 3rd, or ~2%, of those are criminals. So you have ~2% of the population commiting > %50 of murders and other assorted crime. Additionally, many in the black community and some whites. like you probably, excuse away black criminality by blaming it on the legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, institutional racism, or in short – it’s whitey’s fault.

  4. im black

  5. and my grandmother is white. i dont scare or shoot or rape anyone. this is crazy. just because one black man kills someone all black people are the targets? that’s not right. what he did was wrong beyond words. but i didnt do it so why should i suffer for his doings?

    • Blacks are associated with high rates of crime and violence. That’s a fact.

    • Sorry, but I really don’t have any sympathy for any blacks when it comes to stuff like this. Being white we’re always to blame for everything, no matter how long ago. I was actually shocke to find out whites didn’t start the slave trade in Africa, Africans had been selling each other to Arabs for centuries before they started selling them to whites.

      In the US we live in the greatest country in human history, built by white people. It’s being torn apart by black people. Yet we’re not allowed to look at blacks when they do committ atrocities because we’ve been brainwashed to think of blacks as not being responsibility. Black rape? They don’t know any better, pretend it didn’t happen.

      So screw it. At this point the smart people see blacks and walk away. I like to think most victims of blacks are the people to liberal to have survival instincts.

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