Fire, Murder and Miscegenation

Tonia Ingram

Terry Donald Rutledge, Antowyn Warren and Regina Miller

ABC 6 did not choose to show pictures of both the victim and the assailants. One must assume they don’t want whites to begin understanding that their is an epidemic of black on white violence.

Thanks Bubba.

Click here for the story from ABC 6.

Click here
for the story from Fox 59.


6 Responses to “Fire, Murder and Miscegenation”

  1. Here is another story out of Indianapolis where a 21 year old and his 7 year old niece (read that again folks – 7 year old) were both shot in the head following a robbery in their home. The local news is now reporting a suspect has been arrested and they alluded that the suspect was involved in another crime a year or two ago; and the perps in that crime were, you guessed it, BLACK.

    A couple of years ago a couple of diversities killed a Mexican family and it wasn’t long before one the guy’s turned his self in. My theory as to why he turned his self in is because the hispanic community had threatened to kill the perps family if he hadn’t.

    Anyway, this just sickens me. I’m sure once they release a pic of the perp on the news website there will be those commenters that will say that all races commit crime. That’s true but I challenge them to show how many Whites go around and rob then brutally kill the victims. Blacks and their liberal enablers need to know that we are sick of this shit and that it’s time for us to start marching and protesting in the streets.

  2. I share your disgust, Bubba, along with countless others.

    As a bit of friendly advice, I strongly advise that you and everybody you care about arm themselves if possible. Self defense is our right. Nothing will turn the tables or even the playing field on one of these violent creatures faster.

    Negroes are overwhelmingly violent, and most honest people know that. Their statistics regarding violent crime are vastly disproportionate. If you took their current numbers, and extrapolated with a hypothetical population increase, the numbers would cause sheer terror. In other words, if they represented half the population, based on their current trends in our nation (and throughout the world), there would be nowhere safe to live in this country.

    Thanks for the honest and sensible comment.

  3. The story you shared is indeed terrifying, disgusting and downright sad, but I expect nothing less from their race. I’ve seen the pattern enough to catch on; most people have.

    Bubba, I just saw a recent story about that disgusting case. They are reporting that there has been an arrest made.

  4. Nivius,
    I am certainly not surprised that this crime was committed by the usual suspects. Here is a link from a news story 4 years ago that is probably the suspect in custody (due to age at the time and location).

    I have done my own bit of research by taking population and crime statistics from the website, www. Plots of % black population vs. crime correlated positively – no surprise there, right. I also did some quick math to determine at what percentage of blacks a community could have and still remain under the national average for crime rates per 100K. As you may guess, the percentage is very low, like 2-3%.

    As I have expressed before, thank you for your efforts in running and maintaining this site.

  5. Thanks for the kind words. I feel it is my duty to tell the truth about race. I’m tired of seeing my people being hurt in large part due to the deception about race.

    Nice work with your own research.

    I strongly suggest that people not just take your word or mine regarding the violence associated with race, but do their own research. The numbers are often time obfuscated, but you can begin to formulate a fairly accurate picture after a while. Although, the picture everybody inevitably sees, is often times too hideous for them to acknowledge.

    Stay safe.

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