Diversity in American Streets

This is the epitome of repugnant.

Click here
for this video.

Thanks to my good friend, Diversity Recession. Thanks also to the commenter commenting in Negro, Blurnieghey McBarnahew.


4 Responses to “Diversity in American Streets”

  1. Blurnieghey McBarnahew Says:

    Crackas done be takin’ down da video an shit. Y’all can view it here:


  2. NV:
    THIS is the kind of diversity that will bring this nation DOWN…if something’s NOT done (and soon).

    This country was BUILT on diversity, but back in those days, people also practiced something called CIVILITY, and had a better sense of MORALITY…in other words, a lot more folks knew their place.
    Sadly, we’ve abandoned such Draconian concepts in lieu of “political correctness”.
    And we SEE the results.

    Time to get busy taking back OUR nation.

    Good post.

    Stay safe out there.

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