Mentally Disabled White Woman Faces the Torment of Diversity

This bunch of disgusting Negroes spit on and pummel a defenseless white woman.

Click here for this story.

Click here
for another story of when diversity meets disability.


5 Responses to “Mentally Disabled White Woman Faces the Torment of Diversity”

  1. While I defend your right to express your opinions I find them utterly reprehensible. Try to free yourself from your affective filter and view the world from a wider perspective.

    • niviusvir Says:

      I find your lack of honesty about race utterly reprehensible. The sincere truth about race is hideous looking, but it’s reality nonetheless.

  2. @ the appropriately named “debaser”: I infer from your comment that you find Niviusvir’s commentary more “utterly reprehensible” than the acts of the criminal savages that he reports on. Perhaps that he shines the light of truth on them at all is what you find “reprehensible.” A serious fallacy of logic which you may want to reexamine.

    By “view the world from a wider perspective” you mean “shut up and pretend that Whites are not targeted by negroes for violent crimes.”

    The accusation of viewing this situation through an “affective filter” is quite astonishing. Niveusvir and those of us in accordance with him base our perceptions of reality not on emotion(which you obviously do) but on a set of indisputable facts and statistical data that vindicates our position time and time again.

  3. niviusvir Says:

    Well put, Reichsmarshal. Also, I appreciate your logic.

  4. The media will cover up most black on white crimes. Most time they will not report the race of the attacker. 90% on all interracial crime is black against white. For more info and stats go to

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