Diversity Strikes Again – and Again, and Again

Keith Burston

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4 Responses to “Diversity Strikes Again – and Again, and Again”

  1. Norf Coonalina will always coddle those nwards until someone does something about the problem. This is the state that coddle that nward whore Crystal Gail Mangum until she killed someone back in Durham, where a criminal nward shot and killed a prominent White businessman in South Charlotte the Harlotte in broad daylight, Where flash mobs reign when those evil nwards brought terror upon innocent people across the state.


  2. powhitecracker Says:

    Stabbed 39 times! Mud shark must have looked like she got hit by a Great White. No lose.

  3. Attacker’s Human Rights should be cancelled.
    If it must be kept alive it should be in a low profile cage making it impossible to rise on hind legs. It shoud eat whatever fed from a trough. It should also be required to work to eat.
    Wish there was a presidential candidate with my views….

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