The Global Communists Aren’t too Happy With Gibson

The global communists in the White House are really upset with Gibson Guitars for allowing some work to be done by Americans. Obama’s Stalin-like tactics are on full view in this recent case in which federal agents raided Gibson’s guitar factory, costing them a great deal of money, seemingly because they’re not outsourcing enough of their work.

Embrace nationalism before this global ambition of theirs ends in ruin for the truly average person. If power ever becomes consolidated on the level of their dreams, it will be a nightmare for the world. The forefathers of America realized the dangers of consolidated power, that’s why our country was compartmentalized with its constituent states. The compartmentalization of a nation hinders the ability of corruption to spread and totally consume a nation. The states were the only thing keeping the federal juggernaut at bay. Now, that the rights of states have been diminished the beast is lose. If you think big government in this nation is bad now, just wait until the globalists put their yokes around the necks of all the world’s nations.

“All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
– John Dalberg-Acton

Thanks to Tremlypoint.


One Response to “The Global Communists Aren’t too Happy With Gibson”

  1. Homeland is also confiscating natural foods, that co ops are buying from farmers that have strict (no poison) policy of purity much like Germany and Switzerland have.
    Seems that the 10 percent of independent farmers left and holding out from the corporations that poison us must be put out of business.
    I guess rock stars, prefer good ole American guitars rather than Chinese knock off.

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