Woman Attacked by Mob Outsided Philly Store

Robbery was not the motives in these attacks. Wake up white people.

Click here for this story.


4 Responses to “Woman Attacked by Mob Outsided Philly Store”

  1. Notice how Murdoch’s fox news sent a black reporter to interview a white victim of a black mob attack. Was this a coincidence or was it done intentionally to intimidate the victim so she wouldn’t say the “teens” were a pack of violent blacks?

    Is this what Murdoch’s phone hacking scandal is really about? Intimidating white victims of racially motivated crimes to keep their mouths shut?

  2. You read my mind bud. I have noticed that all the news reports of black on white crime, they always send black reporters to cover the story. The reporter then shows some empathy, which down plays the actual event. Its called Psy-Ops. Very clever by the media on mass manipulation. However the people are waking up and seeing through their crap.

  3. I wonder what black on white crime will be the breaking point where ALL whites will wake up and we do something about this black problem

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