Last Act of Kindness Repaid With Murder

As usual, the media try to downplay another white police officer being shot by a Negro by trying to deceitfully put a positive spin on the story, involving a Negro.

A Los Angeles police officer and former American soldier, Jeremy Henwood, bought a young panhandling Negro some food at a McDonald’s. Almost immediately after, he was shot to death with a shotgun in a “unprovoked” attack.

It’s the same old story, white does something nice for Negro, Negro rapes, robs or murders white. And this is certainly not the first white officer that’s had to pay for diversity with his or her life.

Click here for this story.


4 Responses to “Last Act of Kindness Repaid With Murder”

  1. This will read bad, and probably not go over well, but.

    If he’d have shot the picaninny, the dynamic would have changed.
    He’d be alive now.

  2. Fair play dude.

    But i’m right.

  3. What kind of news report was that? They don’t say who shot him or why. Are they trying to hide he was shot by another negro?

    He was probably trying to build up some good will in his patrol area. That may work in Iraq but not in the diversity cesspits of America.

    Another decent white man down. God bless him.

  4. USA Today had an article today about “Ambush Murders” of cops.

    What was glaringly absent in this “news” analysis is that most of these murdered cops are white and their killers are black.

    No surprise though.

    Liberalism killed journalism a long time ago.

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