4 Responses to “Eugenics”

  1. Cannibal Rabbi Says:

    “What am i worth?”

    A kick up the arse with a hob-nailed boot!

  2. Show me the money!! Show me the money!! Not justice, money!!

  3. Robert in Arabia Says:

    Paul Theroux (1977): A man from Kigezi [Uganda] wanted to go on a course in Wales as soon as possible.

    “He had, naturally, participated in the Urine Ceremony of the Bakiga. This ceremony is a necessary part of the marriage vow. The groom and all his brothers place their hands on the seat of a stool, and the bride-who has been chosen for her obesity and the wide gaps in her teeth- lifts her skirt and jams her naked buttocks onto their hands. Finally, with a certain amount of encouraging hilerity, she urinates and in this way shows that she is symbolically wedded to each of the hands she taints. the brothers of her husband. The husband has the stongest claim, but if he happens to be out of town, any of the brothers may sleep with her.”

    Certainly, a more classy ceremony by far than that boring royal wedding in London.

  4. I had no idea that the USA practice eugenics. I wish we brought it back, and this time go all out! We can staighten up the USA in one generation. but instead we reward blacks to have more niglets by giving them more welfare,foodstamps,W.I.C., ect… What a disgrace we have become.

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