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When He’s Not Making Songs About “White Cave Bitches” He’s Selling Stupid Whites Beer

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When he’s not rapping about how filthy he thinks white women are, Ice Cube’s either doing a children’s movie or selling stupid white people beer.


Man Takes Offense to Negro’s Disrespect of a Woman on a Bus

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I’ve had to ride the bus with Negroes, as many of us have. We all know how dangerous it can be.

In the video below, a man that overheard a disrespectful Negro talking to a woman like a dog on a bus heard more than enough from him.

Thanks to Diversity Recession and TremleyPoint.

“LAPD chief: Wilmington attack on officer is part of growing trend”

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Los Angeles is one of the “great” cities of diversity. That diversity is costing quite a few police officers their lives. With an increase in diversity, we can count on some more slow walking and sad singing.

“The Thursday night attack on a police officer in the Wilmington area is part of a rising trend of violent crimes against LAPD officers, police chief Charlie Beck said Friday.

Beck told KPCC’s Patt Morrison that as of last week violent attacks on police officers in L.A. are up 29 percent – with 125 violent assaults in 2011 alone. Three more assaults have already occurred since those numbers were released last week.”

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International Agreement That Makes “Racist” Comments Illegal in the Works

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Some of us have predicted this was coming. The UN has been anxious to regulate the internet. New Zealand is “considering joining an international agreement” making it illegal to make a “racist” comment online. These people are nuts!

The turmoil they’re nurturing by continually ignoring the realities of race will continue to culminate until this world bursts at the seams with more global violence than we’ve seen in a long time. Perhaps that’s what they want. People of the same ethnic backgrounds often times find it most difficult to keep from killing one another in wars, yet these crackpots are going to continue to forcefully mix every possible ethnicity together.

They can’t control Negroes from burning and destroying major cities, but they’re damn sure going to try to put a stop to someone pointing out the people doing the burning, raping, murdering and destroying. It’s apparent that they’re hellbent on it, so we all know how these types of personalities are; they will not quit until they get what they want, or we die with them trying it. The schemers that want to breed whites out of existence with their psychopathic plan of globalization are nudging their way closer to making their dream our nightmare.

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94-Year-Old Vet Takes a Diverse Beating

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Paul Smallwood and his attacker, James Glover

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Mob Attack in Chinatown

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It’s no secret, groups of Negroes, regardless of where they are, do not know how to behave. Now the Chinese are having to deal with them.

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Woman Attacked by Mob Outsided Philly Store

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Robbery was not the motives in these attacks. Wake up white people.

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