Riot Alert

Just like the following hours after an earthquake, whenever a violent Negro is shot after pulling a gun on police officers, there is always the great potential for a tsunami of Negro violence.

San Francisco might be burning soon. A Negro that was believed to be linked to the shooting death of a pregnant woman was said to have pointed a gun at police officers. The officers shot him and it was captured on video.

Click here for the video if the one below doesn’t work.

Special thanks to Tremleypnt9.

Find out more about this former menace to society by clicking here on this video report, “Mixed reaction to death of Seattle murder suspect.”


One Response to “Riot Alert”

  1. Dixieman Says:

    There seemed to be a lot of “ooking and eeking” from the crowd of feral simians that had gathered. I can only imagine what was going through the minds of the police officers……It never amazes how feral negroes basically roam the perimeter of a situation like wild animals almost ready to attack….And people wonder why I don’t like to be around such feral animals…….

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