White Paid Dearly for Hitting a Black With Car and Immediately Stopping

A pack of Negroes beat Eric Loznicka severely after he accidentally hit one of them with his car. Loznicka decided to stop and check on the victim; that proved to be a mistake. He was almost immediately swarmed and severely beaten.

Thanks to Diversityrecession and efilorpnagev.


One Response to “White Paid Dearly for Hitting a Black With Car and Immediately Stopping”

  1. I don’t leave many comments on this or any other blog or site but I did want to say, this is one of the best blogs online. I come in a couple times a week to see what had been posted. Good job webmaster.

    As far as protecting ourselves against racist black crime, we can only do the best we can White America – our forefathers have left us one hell of a mess. Not even to mention our masters IE; jewish supremacists, and the more recent governments that have lorded over us for at least the past 40,50,60 years. Like this black/jewish federal government we have now, the most anti-white government in the history of the United States. If you live in a state that allows firearm protection, I wouldn’t waste a minute on getting one.

    Best to all…

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