You’ve Heard of Casey Anhony, but Probably Not Antoinette Davis

Antoinette Davis

The media went insane with their wall to wall coverage of the Andrea Yates, Susan Smith and Casey Anthony cases. Negro women kill their children all the time without the resulting media circus.

Click here for this story.

Here is another mom that never received the same attention of the media. Click here for the macabre story of the child found in his mother’s oven. Apparently the MSM didn’t find this story shocking enough for mainstream, around the clock coverage.


3 Responses to “You’ve Heard of Casey Anhony, but Probably Not Antoinette Davis”

  1. suziewoman Says:


    Yes, I still remember Shaniya Davis and that no one in the libtarded media mentioned her. She’s been dead for almost two years and yet I haven’t heard anything about her nor the trial of the savages who killed her.

    That’s so typical in libbie Norf Coonalina.


  2. Dixieman Says:

    Unfortunately Nivius, you have been able to blog many stories of TNB from the Carolinas lately……..I wish it wasn’t that way, but it is the reality of such. Whether in Charlotte, Durham, Columbia, or Fayetteville, both states are suffering from way too much negro influenced violence……..and sad to say, but it is only going to get worse……

  3. niviusvir Says:

    Suzie, it’s sad that the farce they call “media coverage” in this country is continuing down its path of lies, but at least some of us have caught on.

    Dixieman, It hurts me to have to blog about these crimes in the Carolinas especially, as my heart is very close to them. I truly wish diversity would give them a break.

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