“Pack of Wild Teens” Spread Terror

One Negro man in this interview blamed fireworks for this mayhem!

Thanks to Tremleypnt8.


5 Responses to ““Pack of Wild Teens” Spread Terror”

  1. WhiteWash Says:

    Of course they send a nigger reporter. Gotta be PC. It’s so transparent to all but a retard.

  2. Jeffrey Heavin Says:

    By God’s Grace we will live to see Black-Run-America implode. These incidents are prelude and are helping to destroy the Leftist lies that have captivated the minds of Americans for over 50 years. Fear and loathing of Blacks used to be a vague kind if repugnance. The internet has brought THE TRUTH into every home and mind. THE TRUTH IS RACIST!

  3. niviusvir Says:

    Well put, Jeffrey.

    I know the truth is certainly not what they’ve been shoving down our throats.

  4. NV:
    The issue that being FORCED at us is indeed ANOTHER “civil war”, but it sure ain’t gonna be NORTH against SOUTH…that’s for damn sure.

    We will instead see descendents of both sides of THAT war band TOGETHER…to SAVE AMERICA!

    This kettle is close to boiling over.

    Stay safe.

  5. since obama was elected, things have gotten much worse. whites keep giving and giving. blacks keep taking and taking and expect more.

    They have destroyed our cities, once beautiful neighborhoods, have turned into ghettos.

    They have offered nothing to a civilized society. negroes depend on humans for their very existance.

    to see the facts go to http://tinyurl.com/c95t53

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