“There’s Nothing but Animals Covering This Beach Today”

The Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel and his flunkies are trying to cover up the fact that some of their city’s Negroes became totally out of hand. They are sticking with their story of why a Chicago beach was closed. They claim that many people were suffering from “heat-related” illnesses. The truth seems to be quite different.

Some are coming forward that witnessed the true reason for the closing of the beach: Negro violence and inappropriate behavior.

How much longer can they hide the epidemic of black violence and their lawless ways? Their time is running out; the truth will come to light.


2 Responses to ““There’s Nothing but Animals Covering This Beach Today””

  1. I’m quite surprised that she wasn’t the one arrested for calling these treasures of diversity “animals.”

    They were defecating right there on the beach? Well, the jenkem making process has to start somewhere, honey-chol.

    • niviusvir Says:

      Reichsmarshal, the thought of the jenkem-making process makes me shudder. Please don’t give them any ideas. They’ll be huffing feces on the beaches in no time.

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