Elderly Man Can’t Even Pray at Parents’ Grave in Peace

No mention of race was made in the report; we all know what that means.

Thanks to Tremleypnt8.


2 Responses to “Elderly Man Can’t Even Pray at Parents’ Grave in Peace”

  1. I’m almost 70. I was born in Newark and raised in East Orange (just next to Newark) when it was White. Things like this just didn’t happen then. Was there crime? Of course, every society has some crime. Was it anything like this? Absolutely not!

    My uncle was a firefighter during the Newark riots in 1967 and he said that the savages were shooting at them as they were trying to put out the fires. Firefighters aren’t even armed! He never had a good thing to say about Black people after that. He couldn’t stand them.

    • niviusvir Says:

      I’m glad we have honest, older people people like yourself, Varina. Your uncle sounded honest too.

      The behavior of Negroes is incomparable to that of any other. I have seen countless elderly people victimized by blacks.

      Thank you for giving us your unique perspective and the perspective of your uncle on the matter.

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