Asian American Takes Brutal Beating by Football Players on His Birthday

Davis Do

Police say these are the attackers

Davis Do, an Asian American, endured a tremendous beating by a group of young Negros. Some of the assailants were college football players. The attack happened in McDonough, Georgia, at a bar. The victim said that they put his body under a car, thinking that he was dead.

Like black on white violence, black on Asian violence is more common than you might think. The Asians in this school in Philadelphia refused to tend school because of the violence they found themselves targeted with.

There is some talk of a hate crime. Since this victim of Negro violence is not white they might just pursue hate charges.

Click here for the initial story.

Click here
for the story of the arrests.

Click here for a well written piece about the violence Asian Americans endure at the hands of Negroes as well.


4 Responses to “Asian American Takes Brutal Beating by Football Players on His Birthday”

  1. Removal of entitlements with the dollar’s collapses may shed new light on old occupations those with no marketable skills and otherwise unqualified for freedom can still perform while wearing chains.

  2. I live in Washington DC and blacks are running wild on metro, stealing people Iphone, IPAD, etc.. beating riders, acting like animals. White people are scare of blacks. If the U.S. was like China, Korea, or Singapore, these blacks would be whipped and behave like zoo animals where they belong. But because of the liberals in this country where Al and Jessie will just cry racist every time. BTW, where are Al and Jessie speaking up about these things. Of course not !

    • niviusvir Says:

      Your account of just how bad things have gotten with the Negros in DC is disgusting, JD. I’m sad to hear that.

      Asians were not foolish enough to allow large populations of Negros into their countries. However, if they did allow them into their countries, as you said, they’d be administering some discipline; I respect them for that.

      Your point about Al and Jessie is good, they’re nowhere to be found.

      I can state that blacks are truly violent by nature. The data supports my claim overwhelmingly.

      Thanks for the comment and stay safe.

  3. I’m a minority, Hispanic, and I’ve been victim of negra violence. When I was around 10 a bunch of niggers jumped me. Like the cowards they are, they all ran off when my brother went after them with a bat. Another time my basketball team beat an all black basketball team because of superior coaching. Their team jumped off the bus and went after me and some friends. I stood my ground and told them that I might get my ass kicked but one of u niggers isn’t gonna have an eye or an ear before it’s done. They thought twice and left. It’s sad how you have to act this way, but you do sometimes.

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